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Creating an updated look for this spindle leg table with neutral paint and floral transfers accented perfectly with gold French lettering!

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you had an amazing weekend! And yes we did lose an hour but hey, it’s so worth it!! That means spring is right around the corner. Yippee! I can not wait!

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means. It’s Trashy Treasures Tuesday where my friends and I come together to share makeovers of our trashy finds.
Did you notice the new name? And we have a new look too.

trashy treasures pink and black graphic

New look, same trashy makeovers! 😉

Spindle Leg Table Makeover

Here’s mine…

spindle leg table before

Isn’t she a beauty with those spindle legs?? The curves just add to the look.

The table was a little beat up so I knew I wanted to paint it. Plus, I felt like the spindle parts would show up better if they were painted.



I lightly sanded the whole thing.


bottle of TSP

Then I used our TSP Alternative cleaner to clean it up.

This is what I planned to use on it.

transfer and jar of paint

Cathedral Taupe is a great color. It’s nice to not always run to white. There are so many wonderful neutral shades out there. And our paint line as a bunch!


paintbrush painting the spindles

I applied two coats.

the table finished painting


Then once that was dry, this is what I had planned to do.

transfers laying on the table

Sort of have both of those “spill over” to the front. (this one is always checking out what I’m doing! Ryder used to but he can’t be bothered these days lol)

Then I thought I’d add some of the gold transfer in the blank area on top.

transfers laying on table

I wrap it around the front around the curves like I usually do.

applying the floral transfer to the top of the table

the top finished with transfer and black and white puppy

So as it goes sometimes (every time!! haha!) I changed my mind. Imagine that.
I decided not to put the floral transfer on the bottom shelf because I thought it just looked like too much.
The other half of the transfer got used in the drawer instead.

transfer laying inside drawer

I cut it to fit. And then here’s an easier way to apply larger transfers. Take the backing off and reapply it to most of the transfer except where you want to start applying it (like below). That way you don’t have to fight with the sticky and accidentally get it stuck down where you don’t want it.

applying transfer to inside of drawer

Here’s another tip. If you pull up the top piece and notice not all of the transfer as transferred…

showing how to reattach sheet to finish transferring

… you can simply place it back down…

rubbing the transfer to transfer to drawer

…and rub it again to transfer the remainder.

lifting film to show how the transfer transferred

You can not even tell. These transfers are so great to work with.

By the way, I am still planning on doing an in-depth post on applying transfers. Stay tuned! Follow along here if you don’t already so you won’t miss it.


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Instead of using the gold transfer on the top in the blank area above the flowers, I decided to use it on the second shelf.

french graphics on bottom shelf

Isn’t that good???

floral gold transfer on drawer

Do you know what is not good? lol
That part of the transfer I applied to the drawer front.


Eh, that happens sometimes. All just part of the creative process, right?!

sanding the front of the drawer

I sanded it to smooth it out and painted over it.

Kind of bummed that the pretty gold flowers got wasted though.

Someone got on the couch and got all snuggled up in the blankets we left there. Isn’t she so cute?? She’s all tucked in and looks like she’s saying “What is it? I’m trying to sleep here.” haha

puppy tucked in blanket


jar of tough coat topcoat

To finish this one and protect the transfers, I used our Tough Coat Topcoat in Matte finish.


front of spindle table finished

I considered lightly sanding to distress since there are so many details. I like to do that to bring out the details sometimes.
However, I decided against it. I liked the clean look of it and I didn’t think those spindle legs needed any more help with attention. All those details are front and center without any distressing.

side view of table

I think without the drawer being covered in that other transfer, it allows your focus to be on the top. It seemed “front” heavy with it there. So glad I painted over it.

One other thought I had was to add a knob to the middle of the drawer. That got veto’d too. Just too much…preferred to keep it simple and let the focus be the floral and simple gold lettering only.

close up view of table top

And I’m also glad I didn’t put anything up on the blank area of the top. No need to “fill in all the places”.

bottom shelf with gold lettering

I love the simple gold lettering on the second shelf.

up close of french gold lettering

And of course, I love to see the transfer flowing over the edges. That’s one of my favorite things to do with them.

up close view of table top

How about the fun little surprise when you open the drawer?

inside drawer with transfer

table top view with floral transfer on edge

side view of table

This pretty little spindle table looks as if it’s been dipped in flowers!

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before and after

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Have a wonderful week, friends!


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