10 unexpected things you can clean with denture tablets

 A denture tablet fizzing in a glass

A denture tablet fizzing in a glass

Denture tablets are not the most glamorous of products to pick up on your trip to the grocery store, but these small hard-working blocks have a range of household cleaning uses.

Using denture tablets is the perfect cleaning tip for those wanting to avoid harsh chemicals and spend less time scrubbing. Made up of a range of non-toxic chemicals found in other household cleaners, denture tablets offer a safe alternative perfect for homes with pets and children, or any of us looking to be a little more conscious of the chemicals we bring into our home environments.

Keep reading for the unexpected things experts recommend cleaning with denture tablets for surprising results.

Things you can clean with denture tablets

Denture tablets don’t seem like a typical household cleaner, so how do they work? ‘Denture tablets work by using a combination of cleaning agents and bubbling action to lift dirt and stains. The effervescence created by the tablets helps to remove bacteria and stains from surfaces, leaving them fresh and clean,’ explains Paulo Filho, professional cleaner and owner of Celestial Cleaning Service.

‘By incorporating these expert tips into your cleaning routine, you can effectively clean strange things around the house with denture tablets.’

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1. Unclog drains

Gold sink and taps, marble sink

Gold sink and taps, marble sink

If your sink won’t drain, then a fizzing denture tablet can help to break up and lift tough deposits to unclog a sink and allow water to flow freely again. All you have to do is drop a few tablets into the plughole and add vinegar, explains Hugo Guerrero, a certified New York house cleaning technician. ‘Follow the tablets with a cup of vinegar, at Walmart before letting it fizz, then flush through with hot water.’

You may have to repeat this process for tough blocks, however, and it is more likely to work in kitchen sinks than on hair blockages in bathrooms.

2. Remove burnt-on food from cookware

copper pans hangin in kitchen

copper pans hangin in kitchen

Cleaning a burnt pot is not a relaxing task, and usually requires a lot of harsh scrubbing risking the surface of the pot to get it usable once again. However, a denture tablet could be the very thing you need to help break up some of the tough burnt patina and force it from the surface of the pot. ‘Fill the pot or pan with warm water and drop in a tablet or two,’ suggests Hugo Guerrero. ‘Let it soak for a few hours or overnight, then gently scrub and rinse clean.’

3. Toilet bowls

Brown tile floor, green sinks, black cabinet

Brown tile floor, green sinks, black cabinet

There are plenty of bathroom cleaning hacks that don’t work for toilets, but denture tablets offer a simple way to freshen up a toilet bowl – especially those made of porcelain, erasing water stains and discoloration.

‘To clean a toilet bowl, drop a couple of denture tablets in the water and let them dissolve for about 10 minutes,’ Paulo Filho, of Celestial Cleaning Service says. ‘Then, use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl clean.’

A denture tablet is not the best for deodorizing a toilet, however, so you may want to use a freshening tablet, in addition, to help make your home smell nice.

4. Remove stains from clothing

laundry room with wooden drying rack and shirt

laundry room with wooden drying rack and shirt

Denture tablets are often used to help whiten dentures as well as sanitize them, making them ideal for getting rid of chocolate stains, or removing coffee stains, for example. Removing stains from clothing is as simple as dissolving a tablet in warm water and soaking the garment in the solution for a few hours, says Hugo Guerrero. ‘Follow by washing your clothing in a regular laundry load afterward.’

When doing laundry with household hacks, it is always a good idea to test the technique on a small inconspicuous area of fabric first to ensure you are not damaging the garment.

5. Clean oily Tupperware

Common kitchen items you don't need

Common kitchen items you don’t need

The only thing worse than trying to organize Tupperware and plastic containers is trying to clean oil off them after storing leftovers or keeping them from takeout. The good news is the fizzing, sanitizing effect of denture tablets can help clear the plastic without damaging the surface.

‘To clean oily Tupperware, fill the container with warm water and add a denture tablet. Let it sit for a few hours, then rinse it with water and soap to help remove the residue,’ recommends John Ward, healthy living advocate and cleaning expert at Mold Busters. ‘The denture tablet helps to break down the oil particles, making it easier to wash away.’

6. Removing watermarks

neutral bathroom with patterned wiles and wooden stool

neutral bathroom with patterned wiles and wooden stool

Cleaning glass shower doors is not the only area you have to worry about when trying to remove watermarks from around your home. Watermarks and staining can occur around your bathroom, Steven Ip, cleaning specialist and owner of Cleanzen Cleaning Service points out. Areas such as toilet bowls, sinks, and countertops are also susceptible.

‘We have actually used denture tablets in some of our cleaning appointments. We take two tablets, drop them in the bowl, and let them fizzle out.

‘It might not remove all the stains during the first round – we recommend a second one for better results. Denture tablets have whitening properties and break down stains which make them effective cleaning alternatives.’

7. Clean grout

grey tiled bathroom with shower and tub

grey tiled bathroom with shower and tub

If you have light-colored grout, then keeping it clean is almost impossible. While you cannot prevent staining, cleaning grout with denture tablets can help to restore it to its former glory. To clean grout with the tablets, it helps to make a thicker paste to brush onto the wall. ‘Dissolve a few tablets in a tablespoon or so of warm water, then apply the solution to the grout,’ says Hugo Guerrero. ’Let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub and rinse.’

8. Cleaning jewelry

Dressing table, hair stool, ballerina canvas

Dressing table, hair stool, ballerina canvas

It doesn’t always make sense to have a dedicated jewelry cleaner laying around, especially if you do not wear your accessories often, so cleaning with denture tablets (or even cleaning with dishwasher tablets) can help make them sparkle.

‘To clean jewelry, dissolve a denture tablet in a bowl of warm water and let your jewelry soak in it for a few minutes as it fizzes,’ suggests cleaning expert, John Ward. ‘Rinse the jewelry with water and dry it with a soft cloth. This method works because denture tablets contain a mild abrasive that helps to remove dirt and grime from your jewelry.’

9. Coffee pots

A drip coffee maker on a kitchen counter beside a full coffee cup

A drip coffee maker on a kitchen counter beside a full coffee cup

When cleaning a drip coffee maker carafe or a French Press, getting the small excess coffee grounds or coffee oils off the glass surface can be tricky. Using a denture tablet can help to break these oils down, as John Ward, a cleaning specialist explains.

‘For coffee pots, fill the pot with hot water and add a few denture tablets. Let the mixture sit for an hour or so, then rinse the pot with water.’ This can also help to sanitize the pot too, preventing contamination between different coffee brews, John adds. ‘The denture tablets help to remove any stains or build-up that may have accumulated in the pot, leaving it clean and fresh.’

10. Vases and flower pots

Close up of glass vase with Hydrangeas and candles on kitchen counter

Close up of glass vase with Hydrangeas and candles on kitchen counter

There is more to keeping flowers fresh in a vase than trimming stems and adding fresh water. In fact, florists say we should give our vases as much care and attention as our flowers, as properly sanitizing a vase will make cut flowers last longer. ‘I use denture tablets when it comes to cleaning narrow bottles and vases,’ explains Steven Ip, a cleaning specialist. ‘I just pop in a tablet and let it fizzle out. I let it sit for a few minutes and shake the bottle/vase then rinse it with water. It doesn’t only sanitize but it also has an antimicrobial formula that kills fungi and germs.’


Do denture tablets whiten clothes?

Denture tablets contain whitening properties, making them ideal for whitening clothes that have grayed with washing or turned yellow. Simply soak the white clothing in a bowl of water with a denture tablet and wash as usual for noticeably brighter whites. Knowing whether to wash whites in hot or cold water will also help to retain their original color.

Can I put my toothbrush in denture cleaner?

Denture cleaner can be used to freshen up your toothbrush between uses, but you need to change out the cleaning solution every use to keep your toothbrush sanitary. You should remove your toothbrush from the solution after it has finished fizzing and allow it to dry to prevent bacterial growth.

Denture tablets may not be the first thing that comes to mind for cleaning around your home, but they are surprisingly versatile – especially when it comes to tougher cleaning jobs when you want to avoid harsh chemicals.

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