10 Viral Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work Like a Charm

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Let’s face it, nobody actually enjoys the act of cleaning- and if you do… you’re lying to yourself. But the outcome of cleaning is why we do it. Having a space that is clean and tidy helps our minds feel a bit more at ease and organized, as it’s a mess that we can have control of in a constantly bustling world. To get a good clean done, it doesn’t have to take hours, and in fact we have curated a list of the top 10 cleaning hacks that make the weekly cleaning regime go a lot faster.

<p>Shutterstock&sol;Ground Picture</p>

Shutterstock&sol;Ground Picture

Sofas are weird and awkward to clean, and even if your cushions come out and you can wash the covers, these viral hacks make it go a lot quicker. Simply cover a pan lid with a warm damp cloth and secure it with a rubber band, move the ragged pan lid along the couch to “scrub it”, watch a video on it here!



You shouldn’t walk away from your cleaning day with a sore back from bending over, instead attach a rag around a broom and secure it with clips on the top, rub it against baseboards to clean and dust. Note, it works best if the rag is damp, read more about this trick here.

<p>SHUTTERSTOCK &sol; Lazy&lowbar;Bear</p>

SHUTTERSTOCK &sol; Lazy&lowbar;Bear

Many people didn’t know this but almost every oven comes equipped with latches that detach the door, making it easier to get in all the nooks for a true oven deep clean. Watch this woman demonstrate it here.


All you need is some soapy water and a leaf blower. Use a brush and scrub on soapy warm water, covering the entire screen. Grab your leaf blower and from the inside of your house blow it close to the screen, and aha reveal the finished look. Watch a man test this out here.



Rust, that orange powdery stuff that covers metal and seems to be impossible to remove. One man shared a hack that uses one product, toilet bowl cleaner, and gets it clean off after one soak, check it out here.

<p>New Africa&sol;Shutterstock</p>

New Africa&sol;Shutterstock

It makes clean up or restock day so much more fun, because instead of just whipping dust away and placing a bottle of laundry soap on the counter, you are actually re-boosting the room’s aesthetic. See how one genius woman did this here.

<p>shutterstock&sol;New Africa</p>

shutterstock&sol;New Africa

Trash is stinky, remedy it by adding a sticky and peel deodorizer meant for toilet bowls on the inside lid of your trash bin, much like this woman has done.


A microwave is the holy grail for busy moms or college students. With all the use they need a serious deep cleaning, and this hands off trick allows you to do other things while it cleans itself. Add a microwave safe bowl filled with water and baking soda to the microwave and turn it on for a few minutes. Once it’s done simply wipe out the previously stuck on grime in one swipe. Don’t trust it? Watch the magic happen here.


Lets face, no matter the quality, jewelry starts to tarnish after time, giving it a good cleaning every so often remedies this. A former Tiffany Jewelers employee shared a hack for soaking tarnished jewelry in a bowl of tin foil, boiling water, and baking soda, and it works like a charm.

Cabinets get dirty and stink after sometime, meaning they need a good whipping. Instead of climbing on the counter to get the hard to reach ones or bending down for the flowers, use a spring mop- that rings out more water than a traditional mop- to clean the cabinets quickly and effectively.

Cleaning isn’t fun but it’s one of those things that just have to be done. All of these viral cleaning hacks are proven to make your cleaning process a lot quicker, easier, and fuss free, all of which are things we advocate for here at DenGarden!

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