12 Winter Activities to Choose From During Cold Winter Months

Today is the last day the holiday decorations stay up, then I’m packing them all away tomorrow. Just one more day to relax and look at the twinkle lights and ornaments before all the garlands and wreaths leave the house.

I’m spending the day sipping tea while it rains all day outside. Later I’m making soup and taking a long winter nap. I’ve already got a list of things I want to complete in the next few months. I’m putting the finishing touches on the study/library space in our home and I’ll share that next week. It’s so cozy!

Meanwhile, I’ll be taking advantage of the shorter days and long dark nights of winter with both productive and restful activities to make the most of these cold months. Here are a few ideas you may find useful too!

Organize Memories: Old printed photos that need to go into albums or digital clutter that needs removed from your phone. Now’s the time to finally organize them while you’ve got long dark evenings.

Embrace Apricity: What a lovely winter word to describe when the sun comes out on a cold winter day. Take a walk outside to soak up the Vitamin D at every opportunity you can.

Clean and Declutter: It’s the most popular activity in January to get a fresh start: organizing, donating, and decluttering. Try 30 days of the Minimalism Game like I did and you’ll love how your home feels at the end of the month.

Take a Trip: Head south of the border to escape the cold and feel the sand between your toes, or travel up to the mountains to a rented cabin where you can play in the snow or ski the slopes.

Host a Game Night: Gather around the dining room table for a healthy dose of board games, poker night, or a competitive game between teams.

Plan Your Spring/Summer Garden: Now is a good time to gather supplies for seed starts and map out your garden for spring planting! You’ll be ahead when the ground is ready.

Prioritize Movement: As cozy as your bed or sofa might be, the body needs daily movement. Bend and stretch, schedule those yoga classes, and show up at the gym when you can.

Learn a New Skill. What hobby have you been thinking of starting? Or is there a skill you want to acquire? Photography, ceramics, painting, or knitting? Winter is perfect for learning a new skill in an online or in person class.

Go for a Forest Walk: Layer yourself in your warmest coat and head out to breathe in the fresh air of a grove of evergreen trees.

Plan a Spa Day: Warm bubbling water on a cold winter’s day = bliss! Find a local spa or hotel that offers a day pass to enjoy some comfort in warm water. Or set up all your exfoliation & moisturizing products and indulge in a day of pampering your skin and hair.

Play Indoor sports: Meet up with friends at your local bowling or billiard hall to play some competitive indoor games.

Rest: Just like nature, be dormant and get a lot of rest. Enjoy the coziness of your bed or the softness of your favorite throw blanket, catch up on sleep and take long winter naps.

The good news is the days are getting longer since winter solstice has passed and spring will be here in just a few months.



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