17 Black kitchen cabinets with white countertops

Black kitchen cabinets are a surefire way of adding a powerful contrast and sophisticated feel to your kitchen design. Black cabinets can be paired with a variety of different materials, however, if you truly want to create a powerful contrast, you can opt for white countertops.

The white countertops will lighten your palette and will make the transition from the dark cabinets to a lighter wall color smooth and gradual.

In the comprehensive list below, you can find my favorite kitchens with black cabinets paired with white countertops. And if you are looking for a lighter effect with a similar strong contrast, you can always have a look at these inspiring kitchens with white cabinets and black countertops.

Minimal black cabinetry and a kitchen island in a turn-of-the-century home

The modern black cabinets add a bold statement and a contemporary aesthetic to this apartment with historical details and warm hardwood floors.

The black bar stools and black appliances blend in with the black kitchen cabinets. The white marble countertops make the transition between the dark lower cabinets and the light grey wall color more gradual.

A kitchen with black cabinets, white marble countertops, kitchen island, black hardware, light grey walls

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi and Emma Fischer, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Black upper and lower cabinets paired with a pop of color

Black shaker cabinets contrast against the white walls and light-soaped hardwood flooring in this kitchen space. The white countertops and small backsplash blend in with the wall color, making the black kitchen cabinets stand out even more.

The other elements in this kitchen add a variety of colors to the palette, which stands out against the black-and-white kitchen.

a black shaker kitchen with white countertops and a colorful decor

Photographed by Ozolappa, styled by Yngfalk for Historiska Hem

Add to the contrast with white tiles and black grout on the wall

This black kitchen with integrated handles in the cabinet doors is paired with a black hood and a white countertop. The white tile backsplash is finished with black grout and black wall lamps, which complement the white and black surfaces in the kitchen.

Black kitchen cabinets paired with a white marble countertop, white tile backsplash with black grout

via Historiska Hem

A modern black wood kitchen with a visible grain

Modern kitchens often use contrasting materials for an impressive effect. The matte finishes on the cabinets and countertops in this modern space allow the wood grain to shine through on the cabinet doors.

The soft wood details on the dining table and the staircase balance out the contrasting black and white kitchen.

a modern kitchen with black cabinets and a white countertop

Styled by Laura Seppanen, photographed by Mikael Pettersson for Hevi Kivitalot

Black wood kitchen cabinets and a subtle white subway tile backsplash

The lower black cabinets with visible wood grain in this kitchen are paired with a white countertop, a subtle white subway tile backsplash, and a greige paint color on the wall.

The chrome hardware and the impressive row of wall lamps below the ceiling add a modern touch to the kitchen. The white cabinets above the backsplash blend into the wall and wrap around the hood.

A kitchen with black cabinets, subway tiles, integrated seating bench, light grey walls

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

A black kitchen with a black metal frame window

The lighter colors on the floor and walls in this kitchen are paired with an impressive black kitchen with tall upper cabinets and a black metal frame window that looks out onto the other room.

Black kitchens tend to look heavier in a space, yet by keeping the rest of the interior in lighter colors, you can balance the look.

A black corner kitchen with minimal cabinets, a white marble countertop and black faucet

via Skandia Maklarna

Black cabinets paired with a white fridge

The lower cabinets in this corner kitchen layout have a contrasting black finish, which is balanced out with white countertops, a white fridge, and a white wall color.

The stainless steel appliances and chrome hardware give the kitchen a modern look and feel.

A black kitchen with white marble countertops, white fridge, chrome hardware

Styled by Emma Fisher, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Black leather pulls on matt black kitchen cabinets

This impressive corner kitchen layout features shaker cabinets with black leather pulls for a tone-on-tone look that is contrasted with a tick white marble countertop. Inside the open cabinets, you can find white porcelain pieces that pop out against the darker colors.

A kitchen with black cabinets, black hardware, white marble countertops

Styled by team Sarah Widman for Alvhem

Black shaker cabinets and white hood

The black shaker kitchen pops out against the white walls in this light-flooded kitchen space. The white hood blends in with the white walls above the kitchen counter and the open shelving finishes off the area above the sink in a nice way.

To contribute to the contrast, a white round dining table is paired with black bentwood chairs right next to the kitchen.

A corner kitchen layout with black kitchen cabinets, white countertops and white hood

via Magnusson Makleri

Minimal black cabinets paired with white quartz countertops and a brass peg rail

In this modern kitchen, the matte black cabinets are paired with white quartz countertops, subtle stainless steel appliances, and an eye-catching brass peg rail above the counter. The glossy surfaces of the metal pair wonderfully with the matte finish on the black kitchen cabinets.

a minimal and modern black kitchen with white marble countertops and a glossy brass peg rail above the backsplash

via Fantastic Frank

A classic black and white kitchen with impressive marble countertops

The impressive veining in the tick marble countertops in this corner kitchen layout is a focal point. I assume the kitchen renovation was based on the black window framing, which matches the black finish on the cabinetry.

A floating kitchen shelf allows for a more airy feel and it’s a great spot for potted plants in the kitchen.

A classic black kitchen with white marble countertops and gold hardware, floating shelf

via DeVol Kitchens

A matt black kitchen with a bright white backsplash and warm wood tones

This black and white kitchen doesn’t have any upper cabinets for a lighter look in the space. The impressive tile backsplash continues up to the ceiling and forms the perfect backdrop for the black fridge and black cabinets.

The wood accents in the chairs and wood flooring balance the contrast, while the brass faucet and shelf brackets add an elegant touch.

A black wood kitchen with a gold faucet, white countertop and a white tile backsplash

via Picky Living

Black base cabinets in white surroundings

The lower black cabinets stand out powerfully against the white wall paint that reflects the natural light in such a beautiful way.

A few subtle decorative items in neutral colors decorate the white countertops for a clean and minimal effect in the space.

A minimal kitchen with black cabinets, integrated handles, white marble countertops, white walls, white wall lamps, black faucet

Kitchen from Ask Og Eng in the home of Elisabeth Heier

A black kitchen with black hardware and a white backsplash

A matt finish gives black and white kitchens a more subtle look, especially when combined with a limewash treatment just like in the example below. The black cabinets are finished with black hardware that blends in with the background.

The white backsplash matches the white countertops and fits exactly underneath the sloped ceiling in the kitchen.

A compact kitchen with black cabinets, black hardware, white shiplap backsplash, limestone walls

Photographed by Axelsson for Historiska Hem

Black kitchen cabinets paired with white marble, brass, and stainless steel appliances

The stainless steel appliances stand out in this matt black shaker kitchen with white countertops and beautiful brass hardware.

The stove and range hood separate the kitchen cabinets from each other and the neutral tones in the wall color and accessories soften out the contrast between the kitchen cabinets and the countertop material.

A kitchen with black cabinets, beige walls, white marble countertops, gold hardware, stainless steel appliances

via Historiska Hem

Black and white create contrast and beige walls balance the kitchen look

The combination of the black cabinets with the white countertops in this spacious kitchen with a black island provides a lot of contrast in the space. The strong contrast is balanced out by the beige limewash walls behind the upper cabinets.

The glass front cabinets and open shelves make the upper layout a lot lighter while offering storage space for glasses, ceramics, and dinnerware.

black kitchen cabinets with white marble countertops, gold hardware, beige limewash walls

Styling by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem – see the full home tour here

A classic black shaker kitchen finished with a gorgeous white marble

The beige-painted walls and ceiling form a soft backdrop for the strong black shaker kitchen that matches the dark color of the wood flooring in the space. The white marble sink and countertop stand out brightly in this setting. As the finishing touch, brass hardware, and brass glass cabinets complete the look.

A classic black shaker kitchen with an impressive white marble sink and countertop, finished off with brass hardware and brass glass cabinets

via DeVol Kitchens

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