2023 Annual Awards

Each year, Granger Construction recognizes outstanding leadership and accomplishments among our teammates during the Fall G2 Summit: Granger Gathers and Annual Awards Celebration.

Outstanding Performance Awards

New this year, the Outstanding Performance Awards recognize individuals who meet and exceed expectations in their roles. Categories considered include excellence in their roles, added value to the company, mentorship, positive leadership and innovation. This year, Granger recognized the following recipients:

  • Corporate Support: Jen Koenig
  • Mentorship: Ben LeBlanc
  • Project Engineer: Bailey Bullock
  • Project Manager: Kyle Oberdorf and Taylor Goldthwait
  • Superintendent: Jake Petty

Outstanding Performance – Skilled Trades Awards

Similarly new, the Outstanding Performance Awards for Skilled Tradespeople recognize individuals who meet and exceed expectations in their roles with the Construction Services Self-Perform team. Categories considered for a Tradesperson include mastery of skillset and craftsmanship, mentorship and leadership, professionalism, proud representation of the Grange brand, strong dedication to safety, embracing innovation, displaying teamwork and dedication to their community and positive feedback from clients and Granger team members. Categories considered for an Apprentice include active work on skillsets and craftsmanship, proud representation of the Granger brand, drive to hone skills, strong dedication to safety and showing versatility on the jobsite. This year, Granger recognized the following recipients:

  • Apprentice: Austin Rosenquist and Drew Jansma
  • Tradesperson: Jeff Proctor

Greg Bobzien Safety Awards

Greg Bobzien Safety Awards recognize individuals and project teams that go above-and-beyond with their dedication to safety. These team members focus on safety every day for the projects and tradespeople on site, holding all employees to a higher standard. Recipients have a continued focus on maintaining a safe and accident-free jobsite, minimizing potential hazards and maximizing worker training and education. All recipients have maintained a strict adherence to Granger safety policy, along with state and federal regulations. This year, Granger recognized the following recipients:

  • CM Team: Oakland University Varner Hall (Chris Lindstrom, Dylan Carr, Isaac Adamski, Jacob Hill, Joseph Konarzewski, Marti Schrauben, Mike Hornbeck, Molly Verla, Norman Bearer, Patrick Barrett, Rick Bibik and Steven Compagnoni)
  • GC Team: Ingham County Justice Complex (Andy Rose, Bailey Bullock, Brad Krueger, Brian Hersch, Brian Platte, Caesar Giacalone, Chris Hunt, David Price, Donnie Dominion, Doug McVicker, Geoff Keller, Greg Proctor, Gregg Fineis, Jake Friddle, Jeff Proctor, Josh Foster, Josh Runyan, Lester Smith, Marc Arthur, Mark Butler, Randy Duby, Rhet Schrauben, Rich Grove and Todd Craddock)
  • Individual: Bill Curtice

Core Values Awards

Core Values Awards recognize individuals whose performance, attitude and spirit embody one or more of the Granger core values: Strong and Safe Work Ethic, Intuitive and Curious, Discerning Listener, Enjoys Life and Work and Humble.

This year, Granger recognized Dan German and Suzie Cherney.

Project Performance Awards

Project Performance Awards recognize construction teams for excellence in project management, from implementation through close-out. These projects often excelled in areas of teamwork and communication as well as their innovative use of technology or other project-enhancing efficiencies. Additional consideration may be given to projects that are portfolio-enhancing, high-profile, those that strongly reinforced an existing niche strength, or projects that overcame difficult circumstances to deliver an outstanding result. Projects eligible for a Project Performance Award are selected based on having a completion date between October 2022 and September 2023. To be considered, projects must have exceeded expectations in the focus areas of Customer Experience, Profitability, Timeliness, Budget Adherence and Safety. This year, Granger recognized the following recipients:

  • Project Under $10 Million: Mary Free Bed Inpatient Expansion (Cam Freeman, Cheryl Couchenour, John Bort, Jordan Krausz and Josh Russell)
  • Project Over $10 Million: Caro Psychiatric Hospital (Alex Litos, Amy Baldwin, Bill Urso, Cory Maurer, Dan Clements, Darrah Dutton, Donald VanDeCasteele, Lexi Brown, Mike Evans, Nate Massa, Nolan Arthur, Rebekah Clements and Rich Corona)

Horizon Builders Award

The Horizon Builder Award recognizes an individual whose performance and attitude reflect Granger’s mission of Improving the Customer Experience. This person’s passion for exceeding customer expectations is reflected in their approach to their work, often doing whatever it takes to ensure satisfied customers.

This year, Granger recognized Bill Bofysil.

Alton L. Granger Chairman’s Awards

Chairman’s Awards recognize outstanding performance of individuals who demonstrate characteristics of truly living by the golden rule, and whose dedication and loyalty continue to enhance the company’s image.

This year, Granger recognized Ian Clutten and Joanne Kulbacki.

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