2024 Custom Home Design Trends

Your custom-designed home in 2024 will be the same as in years past. A new year means out with the old and in with the new for fresh new looks and designs for your custom home. Read our predictions for the 2024 custom home design trends here. 


Green is going to be the trending color in 2024. Whether it’s through paint, wallpaper, or textiles—there are many ways to incorporate green into your home. Use it as a main color or an accent hue. The hues you will want are bold, emerald green, olive green and even Kelly green!

White is Shifting Away

The crisp white appeal of kitchens and bathrooms has remained popular for many years, but 2024 will be the time to shift towards warmer earth tones. This will add more character to the environment. Warm hues will work well with trending colors like green, burgundy, creamy white, and brown. 

The shift from white will also include other surfaces and materials around the home, like cabinetry, decor, and textiles.

Moody, Black, and Dark Colors

Behr paint company had named “Cracked Pepper” the color of the year for 2024. Dark and moody vibes are returning in 2024, and their popularity will rise over the next 12 months. Dark colors work with almost any home and style. From walls to cabinets and decor, adding moody colors will add texture and warmth to your home. 

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Vintage is Back

Vintage is back, and old is new again. Vintage pieces are a great way to incorporate unique pieces into your decor scheme, and they are also budget-conscious. Heirlooms that already exist are especially popular with younger generations. From decor to reupholstered furniture, adding a touch of vintage to your home is a must for 2024.

Hardware Updates

Hardware in the kitchen and bathroom seems like a small detail, but it is the home’s jewelry. It makes a major impact on your style. If you are looking to up your hardware game, look to brass.  Using materials that feel organic to the touch, like brass, adds a rich component, not only visually, but to touch and feel.

picture of a bar with glass shelves and cabinets

Integrated Sinks

Experts predict integrated sinks will start to become popular in the coming months. If you are designing a new home or renovating your kitchen, you should explore this option.  Stone sinks enhance the practical and aesthetic aspects of kitchens and bathrooms. Adding a stone front apron to a kitchen sink makes a bold impact.

Layering Decor

By integrating vintage decor with new furniture, you are creating a layered effect in your home, and 2024 will be all about that. It’s all about intentional, curated spaces that are warm and inviting. Simple ways to layer include throw blankets on sofas and ends of beds and extra throw pillows. It makes the space cozy.

picture of a bedroom with white blankets and blue pillows

Wall Treatments

Wall coverings are going to be more popular as plain walls are out. Wood paneling and wallpaper are integrated to make the walls seem more interesting. Mural wall paintings will also add life to children’s rooms.

Light Up the Home

Lamps are the new look in 2024. Every end table in your home should have one. The soft lighting that lamps provide instantly cozy up a space.

Recessed lighting in renovations and new builds is becoming less popular. Replacing it will be discrete flush mounts, which are excellent for kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms. Other options are decorative but functional pieces, such as a chandelier, floor lamp, sconce, pendant, or a table lamp.

picture of a living room with seating and wooden floors picture of a bedroom with a bathroom attached

Whether you are building your new custom dream home in 2024 or just want to refresh your existing one, these 2024 custom home design trends will help you make your house a home. 

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