24 Beautiful Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Blue is an elegant and timeless color that can instantly add visual appeal to a mundane kitchen. Get inspired by these chic blue kitchen design ideas. 

What better way to add a calming and soothing atmosphere to the kitchen than incorporating the color blue? It’s also a versatile and enduring color that flies above fickle trends. 

Blue comes in various shades, from soft pastels to moody navy blues. To decide the best shade of blue for you, consider the overall vibe you want for your kitchen.

Lighter shades of blues can create a more airy and open feel, while darker blues can add depth and sophistication.

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Blue is best paired with a light neutral like white, gray, or beige. These hues will prevent the blue from overwhelming the space. 

You can inject the color blue into your kitchen through the cabinetry, walls, countertops, backsplashes, or flooring.

With so many options available, it may be hard to choose the right shade and design for your kitchen.

This is why we’ve curated 24 beautiful blue kitchens to get your creative juices flowing. 


1. Accent with Contrasting Colors

Incorporate contrasting colors to complement the blue and add visual interest.

For example, warm metallic accents like brass or gold can create a striking contrast against cooler blue tones.

IMG 0165 Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: West of Main Design


16. Embrace Subtlety with Pale Blue

Pale blue cabinets can make the kitchen feel light and airy, especially when paired with white or light-colored countertops and backsplashes.

The lightness of the color reflects natural and artificial light, creating a brighter and more spacious-looking kitchen.

IMG 0172 Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: Mallory Mathison Inc/ @jeffherrphoto


17. Consider a Blue Kitchen Island

A blue kitchen island against white cabinets creates a striking contrast that serves as a focal point in the kitchen.

The bold color of the island draws the eye and adds visual interest to the space, making it a standout feature.

chic in menlo park christine sheldon design img38110dd308d95e45 14 0873 1 8d764b8 Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: Christine Sheldon Design


18. Opt for a Marble Backsplash

Marble is known for its elegant and luxurious appearance, characterized by its natural veining and variations in color and pattern.

A marble backsplash adds sophistication and timeless beauty to the kitchen, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

the blue ivy house mcmahon and nerlich img127199760ad37ab5 14 5224 1 4a0ecac Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: Mcmahon and Nerlich 


19. Use a White Cooker Hood 

A white cooker hood creates a striking contrast against blue kitchen cabinets or walls, adding visual interest to the space.

The contrast helps break up the monotony of the blue color scheme and creates a balanced and cohesive look.

2612001 galme 0365 1 1 54ba2ecf77c0454b9ab49d52e8846c0d Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: Julia Berolzheimer


20. Install Open Shelves 

bhg modern kitchen 8RbSHoA8aKT9tEG DcYr56 039892da05774ea78f8682b3f693bb5d Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: John Granen 


21. Go for Navy Blue Cabinets

Navy blue cabinets exude a timeless elegance that adds sophistication to the kitchen.

The rich and deep hue of navy blue provides a classic and refined look that transcends trends, ensuring longevity in the kitchen design.

bounce off the walls deslaurier custom cabinets img7881d22c0deabf61 14 5258 1 f2bdc31 Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: Deslaurier Custom Cabinets 


22. Add Plenty of Bar Stools

Having plenty of bar stools around the kitchen island creates a designated area for entertaining and socializing.

Guests can gather around the island while the host prepares food, fostering a more interactive and sociable atmosphere during gatherings and parties.

IMG 7757 e1579988014910 Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: CC & Mike 


23. Try Out a Coastal-Style Kitchen

A coastal-style kitchen evokes a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of beachside living.

It creates a calming and tranquil environment that is perfect for unwinding and enjoying casual meals with family and friends.

Screenshot 2024 02 26 at 14.45.11 Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: HW Interiors


24. Add a Blue Hue with the Backsplash

Backsplashes are relatively easy to change compared to cabinets or wall colors.

Opting for a blue backsplash allows homeowners to experiment with color without making a long-term commitment.

If they decide to change the color scheme in the future, they can easily update the backsplash without extensive renovation.

Joykitchen 24 1365x2048 1 Blue Kitchen DesignPhoto: Pure Joy Home


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