4 Ways Businesses can Save on their Energy Costs this Winter

With increasing energy costs for businesses, companies will be wondering how best to save money on their energy bills as we head into winter. Many of the little things you do to save energy at home can in fact be applied to your business and office spaces.

Even the smallest of changes can add up fast, reducing the costs when it comes to your energy bills. From energy-saving bulbs to giving your office furniture a slight move about, here are a few options we recommend so you’re able to keep the heat in and the lights on this winter.

Get Energy Efficient

A good place to start is to look at your energy efficiency and where your energy is being used – or potentially wasted. Many homes have smart meters, but these are available for businesses too and are a great way to monitor your energy usage. These meters mean you can determine which appliances are using the most energy, allowing you to make adjustments where necessary.

It could be that it’s best to look into energy-efficient utilities, such as energy-saving bulbs and motion-triggered lights; or even look for energy-efficient office equipment if they’re significantly impacting your usage. When purchasing or leasing office equipment, be sure you can check its energy rating (a scale of A to G with A being the most efficient). You should also consider the size of your appliances, as choosing a smaller yet higher energy efficiency-rated appliance can save you money in the long run.

Other methods could also include altering you and your colleague’s behaviours such as ensuring computers are turned off in the evening, and on standby during the day if they aren’t in use. Even consider implementing something as simple as ensuring doors are kept closed to keep heat in, reducing the cost of heating your workspace!

Insulate your Premises

Continuing with the topic of heating, warming the workspace will be a major expense over winter for most businesses. You can ensure savings for years to come if you invest in good insulation. Windows and doors especially can be a leading cause of heat loss, so a smart purchase would be to upgrade to double glazing. If you already have double glazing, make sure your current fixtures are in peak condition.

Single-glazed windows are highly conductive and easily let in unwanted cold air. In turn, this causes higher energy bills as more energy is used to heat your workspace.  In contrast, the extra pane of glass in double glazing acts as extra insulation and therefore offers extra energy efficiency; with further insulation provided by the gas-filled gap between the two panes. Ensuring your double glazing is then sealed properly as well, further enforces this and protects your workspace from dampness and condensation which could cause damage.

While you may assume your current double glazing is doing the job, any gaps or breaks in the seal around your windows and doors could mean that cold winter air is getting into your workspace. It’s worth having the condition of your glazing checked before you go on to making any other energy-saving adjustments! You can book a range of double glazing checks with our experienced engineers at Cloudy2Clear – who will then figure out the most cost-effective way to repair any damages.

Get Ship Shape

Another quick and easy habit to get into when it comes to saving energy is cleaning your office equipment and appliances. For example, cleaning fridges, freezers, and radiators – especially the ventilation within these appliances – can make a huge difference in improving their energy efficiency.

Cluttered and dirty fridges and freezers mean the appliance has to work even harder to keep its contents cold, especially if the ventilation of the appliance is full of dust and grime. This build-up of dust in leaves any heated air with nowhere to escape the unit, further increasing how much the cooling system must work.

For freezers especially, a common issue can be a build-up of ice, which occurs when warmer air or moisture enters the freezer. Defrosting your freezer helps maintain its efficiency by reducing this build-up, making it easier for it to maintain the ideal temperature and ensuring it requires less energy to do so.

Furthermore, it could also help to move furniture around. You should check your office furniture isn’t blocking radiators; and ensure these also cleaned and properly maintained. When it comes to placement, the general advice for heaters and radiators is traditionally that they work best under windows to ensure any cold air that is seeping through is heated. It’s also advisable that the area around them is also clear, allowing the air in the room to circulate and be warmed too.

If there are large pieces of furniture next to the radiator, less air can circulate and this contributes to a colder workspace. In turn, this results in more energy being used as it takes longer for your space to be warmed. These simple adjustments like keeping your area and appliances cleaned and organised will take little time and money, but can have a huge impact.

Talk to Your Supplier

Last but not least, if you are worried about your energy bills, why not go back to the source? Consider contacting your supplier if you have major concerns about the increasing costs. You can work with them to create a more realistic payment plan you can afford; and can even ask for more time to pay or access hardship funds in certain circumstances. Furthermore, funds and grants may also be available to help and support you.

Energy-Efficient Double Glazing with Cloudy2Clear

While we can’t lower the cost of energy for you, we can ensure you’re making the most out of the heat you do have in your workspace. We can both install and repair any double glazing fixtures; from windows and doors to conservatories and skylights. Our experienced team have been working in the double glazing industry for decades – and to reflect the level of confidence we have in our services, we offer a 25 year guarantee on any installations offered by Cloudy2Clear.

Take the most effective steps towards keeping your business warm and bright this winter. Double glazing repairs or installation are likely the best way forward.

Call our team today on 0800 61 21 119 for a free, no-obligation quote. You can also fill out our contact form online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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