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This year, as I curated my grown-up Christmas list I’ve found myself leaning into intentionality more than ever before. We don’t do much for gift giving amongst the adults in my family any longer, but I always love to put together a wish list of sorts all the same – just for fun.

This year, I really tried to pull together a collection of things that I’d truly use, “need”, and love. Mostly, sweet thing that feel like little luxuries. Ones that bring glimmers of joy into my everyday.

Though you can never go wrong with design books in my world, at the top of my list this year is Shea McGee’s latest design tome—an exquisite addition for my collection, a perennial favourite. And as I’ve continued to dive hear first into the world of intentional living, I also love collecting beautiful (and functional) kitchen accessories, largely since our renovation last year.


Inspired by the the hair oiling trend I found myself deep diving into on TikTok, a hair oiling brush has also found its way onto my list. And what’s a wishlist without the softest pyjamas ever, elevating chilly winter nights. I mean, really!

Finally, rounding out my desires are a few missing pieces for my closet, helping to pull together the vision I’ve been cultivating for my wardrobe. This year, my grown-up Christmas list is a celebration of thoughtful choices and the simple pleasures that make each day a little more delightful. Here it is…

Photo: Via110 Design

  1. The Art Of Home Design Book | 2. Honey Jar | 3. Vintage Framed Art | 4. Lake Pyjamas | 5. Salted Caramel Latte Blend | 6. Woven Cotten Tea Towels | 7. Hair Scalp Massager | 8. Printed Lumbar Pillow | 9. Florette 500 Piece Puzzle | 10. Essential Leather Belt | 11. Wooden Easel | 12. Mystic Garden Puzzle | 13. Lulu Lemon Align Pants | 14. Frederic Magazine Subscription | 15. Detachable Link Earrings | 16. Chain Bracelet | 17. Polo Cap



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