A Simple Guide To Adding Wood Accents To Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to welcome nature inside your house, you’ve come to the right place because this article discusses how adding wood accents to a home allows you to embrace a natural aesthetic. 

Wood elements can be used in countless ways in interior design, from wall décor to staircases and everything in between. Wood has a unique look and allows you to customise your house to reflect your personality. Suppose you’re ready to incorporate some natural accents into your interior design; here are some recommendations that might help you. 

Add warmth to your fixtures

One of the easiest ways to make your house feel warmer is to welcome natural materials inside. A couple of home updates will allow you to achieve this result. Switch the existing fixtures with ones made of wood. If closet doors are made of other material than wood, you can replace them with wooden slatted alternatives. It’s an affordable solution because it doesn’t require purchasing new furniture but only replacing the doors with new ones.

It would also help if you turned your attention to the ceiling and replaced the ceiling fan with a wooden lighting fixture. 

Another interesting way to invite wood accents into your home without disrupting the entire décor is to create a wood backsplash in the kitchen. It would work wonderfully with a white colour scheme. 

Sometimes, you only have to make a couple of small changes to create a new aesthetic in your house. Wood is known for its timeless beauty, so you’ll make a safe bet if you decide to make this choice. 

Install wood shelves

Do you need more storage space? Or maybe you are looking for a way to display your collectibles or books? Wood shelves are the ideal solution for any of these needs. You can install some simple floating shelves on an empty wall to add texture to your room. Suppose you already have cabinets installed; you can add a couple of floating wood shelves alongside them to create a visually interesting wall. You don’t have to fill the entire wall; start with a couple of shelves and see what kind of vibe you get. 

Add wood countertops

Your kitchen should be one of the warmest and most welcoming rooms in the house, so adding some wood accents is essential. Installing some butcher wood countertops is a great way to integrate the beauty of wood. If you have an open plan house, and your kitchen extends into the living room or dining room, you need to consider the overall space’s design when you add wood countertops. Such an addition will change the look of the entire space because it works as an eye-catching element. 

Create a wooden accent wall

Refreshing one of the walls in your living room or bedroom with wooden panels is an easy way to make a statement. You can choose from multiple textures, colours, and models when it comes to wooden wall panels, so you’ll definitely be able to find a solution that matches the house’s overall design. 

If you want to create a unifying look, you should install the panelling from floor to ceiling. It’ll enable you to achieve a stylish and intimate atmosphere, especially if you pick a darker hue. You can browse the selection of products from Aku woodpanel if you want to install wooden panels with a contemporary take on this traditional detail. While wooden walls were typically used in period houses, they could add wonderful charm even in a contemporary dwelling.            

Decorate with wooden furniture

Decorating with wooden furniture implies more than welcoming some accents to your house, but wooden furniture elements are practical and beautiful, and there’s no reason not to consider them. You can easily add a splash of natural colour to your house if you bring some wooden furniture. If you don’t want to fill your entire house with wooden items, you can take some time to look for the right pieces that bring personality to the room. Wooden furniture is ideal for living rooms because there you usually gather with your family and friends, and their warm character makes the environment look more welcoming. 

A wooden table would be a great addition to a dining room because it adds a rustic touch to the space. You can pair it with mismatched wooden chairs you can purchase from thrift shops. For a pop of colour, paint them in different shades. 

Change the old doors with alternatives made of wood

Gone are the days when homeowners installed doors painted in the colours of the rainbow. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to pick the shade for the interior doors because wooden ones work wonderfully with all interior designs. The easiest way to integrate natural elements into your home is to replace the existing doors with alternatives made of wood. Luckily, you can find online a wide range of high-quality doors in countless models that match any home aesthetic and budget. If you want to take it a step further and switch the exterior doors, you can upgrade them with wooden ones, as they’re more durable than most other solutions. 

Add character with wood decorations

Wood décor elements can easily become the statement pieces of a room, especially when you pick larger ones. You can find authentic wood artwork at your local artisans. Local artisans can even create some custom pieces to match your home décor. Regardless if you want to decorate your walls with wooden elements or prefer to add a couple of decorations to your coffee table, you’ll definitely find something unique if you check the local stores. 

However, when you pick pieces, don’t just buy whatever product you find made of wood; invest in decorations that will stand the test of time. It’s a great way to make your home feel timeless and luxurious. 

Are you ready to welcome wooden elements into your home? We hope you found the above recommendations useful. 

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