A Tribute to Marilyn Denis and Her Loyal Fans!

The Marilyn Denis Show guests from her the last show.

On Friday, June 9th, Marilyn Denis signs off the airwaves with the final episode of The Marilyn Denis Show. Guest experts were invited back for one last hurrah as a surprise to thank Marilyn for all she has given to so many through the show.

Here are some thoughts and behind-the-scenes photos from that last show.

On a personal note

I have been a guest on TV with Marilyn Denis for about 30 years. I really can’t believe how fortunate I have been to meet and work with this amazing woman.

I remember my first day on Cityline with Marilyn, around 1994 when Benjamin Moore asked me to take Leslie Harrington’s place (Leslie was the senior designer at Benjamin Moore at the time and had moved to the US). Cityline was the show during a time with no internet, cable, or social media. In this era, you got answers from TV!

I was very reluctant at first, as my job at Benjamin Moore was focused on retail store design and drafting, not picking paint colours or answering questions. But, having been educated in fashion, colour and textiles all my life by my grandma (she was a millinery and seamstress) I knew I could do this naturally, even if I didn’t feel qualified. Even a degree in Interior Design didn’t prepare me for TV!

Nevertheless, I went on Cityline. On that first show, I spoke about exterior stains. Marilyn made me comfortable and calm, even though I remember sweating through my silk shirt. Yup, it was 90s fashion! Even my hands were sweating!

Over the years I was lucky enough to continue working with Marilyn as an amazing, attentive and knowledgeable host. This was the era where you did everything as a guest – painting, setup, and delivery. Everything! There were no “people” to help with this. You were the “people” and Marilyn was always game to get involved. She was always willing to get her hands dirty!

The host with the most

It takes a tremendous amount of poise to remain grounded, attentive and connected to the audience and the guests day in and day out. If a host makes it look easy, that’s their gift (because it’s not easy). Imagine doing radio, too, just before going on air! OMG, Marilyn!

Marilyn is so good. She is underrated as a superstar. In other parts of the world, she would be called a triple threat but her humble and gracious personality allows her to be incredible at what she does and approachable at the same time. We are so blessed to have enjoyed her for so long on Canadian Television.

And one more thought

When Marilyn began on Cityline, it was an age of television in Canada where the guest was the expert. People were invited on shows because of their knowledge and experience, not for how they looked, their age, or their outrageous behaviour.

In the US, the host is only the presenter. The content is generated by the producer, advertisers, and executives. The host was not considered the expert. Here in Canada, we have been very lucky to articulate true content that isn’t morphed or produced by others and then delivered by the host – here, the host is part of the process.

With the end of The Marilyn Denis Show, it’s truly the end of an era. Hopefully, we will see a new opportunity that continues to allow true experts to present content in their own words and using their own lived experiences. Without incredible people like Marilyn championing this, expert content on a widely available and accessible platform could become a thing of the past. It’s hard to predict the future, and what comes next!


A final thank you to Marilyn, her incredible team, and her experts. I am humbled and thankful for all of these years. It’s never goodbye, it’s just see you soon.

All the best to you Marilyn for the future!

Behind the scenes

And now, here are those promised behind-the-scenes photos.

Getting ready for my last appearance with Marilyn. I really can’t see anymore without wearing glasses to put on makeup. I may have makeup blobs all over my face. 😂

Arriving at the studio that the guests are hiding in! I really can’t pose! No red carpets for me!

All the guest experts waiting together in another studio. (Marilyn has no idea we are here!)

Amazing Andrew Pike rehearsing the presentation.

The wonderful Tommy Smyth waits behind the scenes rehearsing his presentation.

Rehearsing in the studio with all the experts before the show

Show time!

Marilyn’s last studio walk-on. Yup, those are tears.

Marilyn spent over 30 years on Canadian Television. That’s incredible! And she always looks amazing! Have a look back

Some of the amazing experts who have worked with Marilyn over the years!

These beautiful ladies are all about beauty and fashion tips! From left to right: Veronica Chu, Antonia Fifi, Janet Jackson.

Outstanding Steven Sabados.

Marvelous Mana Mansour.

Creative Kasia Waloszczyk.

Marvelous Meredith Shaw.

Clever Andrew Pike.

Talented Scott McGillivray.

Fun Owen Reeves and entrepreneur Michael Penney.

Fashionista Amanda Aerin.

This was such an amazing group of Canadian experts in one place at one time. I wasn’t able to grab photos of some of the other amazing experts, like the spectacular Oliver Bonacini, hilarious Lynn Crawford, superb Sebastien Centner, and terrific Rodney Bowers.

And, on my way home in the cab from Marilyn’s final show.

I am sad and nostalgic, but mostly humbled and grateful to have met so many incredible people and been taught by the best.

Thank you to Marilyn’s incredible producers, camera people, director, and the entire CTV team! They have been an absolute delight to work with and to get to know. This group is the best (having worked in the US in TV, it’s well known that Canadian crews and talent are considered the best).

Thank you, jx

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