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Dear our valued readers,

Today, I am excited to announce my successful acquisition of the domain in honor of a remarkable gardener, Karen Morss. I was delighted to learn about her work a few years ago and am happy to continue her legacy on GreenHouseCenter. Later in this announcement, I will tell you briefly about Karen Morss’ work with LemonLadies, more information about this opportunity, and my intention with this acquisition.

About Karen & LemonLadies

Karen Morss was known for being an author, pilot, and former Silicon Valley entrepreneur who later became a farmer with a true passion for growing the finest Meyer lemons at

With LemonLadies, Karen shipped over 6000 pounds of Meyer lemons with over a dozen successful harvests. She also organized a group of Meyer lemon growers who signed a pledge to deliver lemons free from chemicals, pesticides, and wax and grown on non-GMO trees.

Karen Morss – Photo credit: Victoria Alexander

“Sadly, Karen passed away on December 30th. Today I spread her ashes along with our past pets in the lemon orchard,” wrote her husband David Morss on the Lemon Ladies Orchard website on January 15th, 2019.

Source: Tribute To Karen Morss – TheFruitGuys

I had the opportunity to learn about Karen’s recipes and other work through her website in 2018. When I found out her domain name was available on an auction (and what the previous owner did), I thought Karen’s remarkable work should be continued to honor her legacy.

About This Opportunity

As a blogger, along with creating useful content, I am always looking forward to expanding the blog’s topic and increasing GreenHouseCenter’s online presence. One effective strategy to achieve these objectives is by considering suitable acquisitions. is such an exemplar.

I recently adopted the gardening of Meyer lemon trees, and Karen’s knowledge was an exceptional resource to cite in my upcoming posts. For example, her best-selling recipes (which shipped out over 6000 pounds of Meyer lemon) will be valuable sharings on GreenHouseCenter. The idea of implementing a whole content series about Meyer Lemon on GreenHouseCenter emerged when I saw the chance for this acquisition. With my understanding of the tree and Karen’s work with Meyer Lemon, I hope our valued readers will have more quality reads in the future.

My Intention With The Acquisition

With this acquisition, I not only have the strength of LemonLadies to boost GreenHouseCenter’s online presence but also extend my blog’s content coverage in the Gardening category with the content series about Meyer Lemon. The main bullet points for this series are:

  • General Knowledge about the Meyer Lemon Tree: What It Is, Where It’s From, & FAQs
  • Meyer Lemon Tree Physical Characteristics: Buds, Flowers, Leaves, …
  • Meyer Lemon Tree Care: Common Diseases, Problems, Soil pH, …
  • Meyer Lemon vs. Other Fruits (For Substitutions/ Comparisons)
  • Health Benefits & More Related Topics
  • Last but not least, Karen Morss’ famous recipes with Meyer Lemon (GreenHouseCenter editions)

I ensure the source of any related content associated with Karen’s remarkable work will be honorably credited to her.

Are you excited about this event? I can’t wait to publish! Stay tuned and don’t forget to comment what you think!

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