Before & After: Luxe NYC Apartment Interior Design

Luxe NYC apartment interior
Luxe NYC apartment interior by Decorilla

Looking to elevate your living space with a touch of metropolitan flair? This is a story about NYC apartment interior design and one client’s home transformation into a personalized masterpiece. Join us as we unveil its cosmopolitan character that reflects the city’s dynamic spirit. 

The Challenge: NYC Apartment Interior Design

Eager to transform their newly acquired, empty apartment in New York into a Nordic-inspired home, the client turned to Decorilla for expert interior design services. With a move-in date looming soon, there was a strong sense of urgency to furnish the space. Following the client’s preference for readily available items to avoid delays, the designer had to accomplish a series of functional and aesthetic tasks:

  • Design a Nordic-themed interior, coherently reflecting the client’s preferred style throughout the apartment
  • Source the ideal furniture and decor for the project, considering the delivery deadlines and the move-in date
  • Design a living room that would take advantage of amazing views
  • Turn one spare bedroom into a dual-purpose study room with a sofa bed and a standing desk
  • Set up a master bedroom layout and integrate the client’s favorite bed to fit the style

Design Inspiration: Low-Key Luxurious

Luxury NYC apartment interior by Decorilla
Sophisticated apartment interior by Decorilla

The client’s affinity for Nordic style shine through in the curated selection of inspirational images for their NYC apartment interior design. Taking clues from the simplicity and elegance of minimalist interiors, the gallery oozed the philosophy of “less is more.” A plethora of soft textures and warm woods in the renter-friendly furniture and decor conveyed a cozy, profoundly organic feel. At the same time, clean lines and uncluttered arrangements underscored the serenity characteristic of Scandinavian design. 

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Neutral master bedroom design by Decorilla
Neutral master bedroom design by Decorilla

The balance between functionality and fashion was apparent in each layout, promising to provide a tranquil retreat amidst the city’s hustle. There was also a strong appreciation for an understated luxe interior design aesthetic, embracing the Nordic tradition of “hygge” — a warm atmosphere that invites you to enjoy the good things in life with good people.  

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Darya N.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

Recognizing the client’s passion for Hygge vibes and minimalist elegance, the Decorilla team carefully selected two accomplished interior designers. Both Darya N. and Casey H. boast experience and expertise to align seamlessly with the client’s desires. Each designer then created a distinct moodboard, translating the creative visions into a tangible concept. This approach allowed the client to make an informed choice between two bespoke proposals, ensuring the result would truly reflect their style and aspirations.

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Casey H.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Both moodboards paid a stylish homage to Nordic design staples. Darya’s ideas painted a picture of understated luxury, blending the cool neutral backdrops with bold details and soft ambient lighting. However, Casey H.’s vision vibrated with the client up to the tiniest detail. The layouts she presented felt exceptionally serene, weaving a tapestry of rich wood textures, clean lines, and soothing warm neutrals. As a result, her proposal perfectly captured the essence of modern Scandi design with a touch of organic sophistication. 

Results Revealed: A Luxe NYC Apartment Interior Design

NYC apartment interior design by Decorilla
NYC apartment interior design by Decorilla

As the curtains rise on the completed project, the scenery offers a captivating glimpse into the transformation achieved. It unveils the harmonious synthesis of Nordic inspiration and minimalist sensibility that now characterize this New York City apartment interior. The design journey successfully married functionality with serene elegance, resulting in visually stunning spaces embodying the client’s style and the peaceful retreat they dreamed of.

The Living Room That Communicates With the City

Living room before

With the client’s vision for a Nordic-inspired retreat in mind, the living room layout merges streamlined design with organic elements. Plush, bright furnishings provide comfortable seating that invites relaxation and conversation. The strategic placement of sculptural lamps and soft textiles complements the clean, airy feel of the space, where each piece contributes to a cohesive look. At the same time, wood accents in the furniture and decorative pieces balance the crisp vibes with additional warmth. 

The living room’s design thoughtfully harnesses the expansive windows, framing the breathtaking city skyline. The intentional choice to keep everything as open as possible creates a seamless dialogue between the interior space and the city’s vibrant energy, soaking in the abundant natural light that spills in. There is no need for extensive decor: the views are a living work of art that dynamically shifts from day to night. 

New York City apartment interior design by Decorilla
New York City apartment interior design by Decorilla

In the dining area, the transformation is equally striking. A sleek, modern dining table surrounded by elegant chairs creates a cozy yet refined setting for intimate dinners or lively gatherings. Decorative elements like the table’s centerpiece reflect the client’s love for simplicity. The set of oversized table lamps and candle holders enhances the room’s inviting ambiance with warm light, also aligning with the relevant trends. There is a strong sense of calm dynamics defining this space, achieved through the interplay of textures and patterns, from the soft rug to carved sideboard fronts to the abstract wall art.   

Harmonizing Colors and Textures 

Living room design concept for a Manhattan apartment interior by Decorilla
Living room design for a Manhattan apartment interior by Decorilla

During the journey to the apartment’s final design, the collaboration between the client and the designer opened a world of possibilities. Together, they explored different decor combinations and color palettes, each with its own narrative and appeal. The process was one of discovery, with the client’s initial preferences and the designer’s creative proposals converging and diverging through textures, hues, and furnishings. Concept variations ranged from the boldly eclectic to the serenely monochromatic, each bringing the client closer to a vision that felt authentic and inspired.

Colorful living room version for a NYC apartment interior design by Decorilla
Colorful living room design by Decorilla

The colorful arrangements struck a harmonious balance between the aesthetic and the practical, paying homage to earthy tones and modern yet timeless elegance. They promised not just a space of beauty but a canvas for a lively lifestyle. Nevertheless, after rounding a full cycle, the NYC apartment decor ideas returned to the designer’s initial proposal that grasped and articulated the client’s main desire: simple serenity. 

Tastefully Merging A Guest Room and a Home Office 

A Manhattan apartment interior design solution by Decorilla, merging a guest room with a home office
Guest room – home office interior design solution by Decorilla

Embracing the client’s vision, the guest room/home office combo boasts a clever, multifunctional design. A pair of convertible desks sit by the window, making the most of the natural light and inspiring city views, ensuring a stimulating work environment. Meanwhile, a comfortable sofa bed makes the space instantly ready for overnight guests, blending seamlessly with the office elements when not in use. Above all, the room maintains a sense of spaciousness and order, crucial for concentration and relaxation.

Guest room/office before

With its undecorated white walls and untouched floors, the room’s initial bareness held great potential for setting up a multifunctional space. The neutral color palette for textiles and decor fit this envelope perfectly, allowing for easy transition between purposes. Every choice, from the plush area rug to the greenery, is deliberate, emphasizing a clean and organized environment.

A home office in a New York City apartment interior by Decorilla
Home office in a New York City apartment interior by Decorilla

The decor strikes a perfect balance between professional and personal, with thoughtful touches like a chic coffee table, soft lighting, and verdant plant life. These elements come together to create an inviting atmosphere that doesn’t compromise on style or function. As a result, the room effortlessly caters to diverse needs. In the spirit of true NYC apartment interior design, it aligns with a contemporary lifestyle that values both work and hospitality.

Setting Up a Master Bedroom

NYC apartment decor in a bedroom designed by Decorilla
Bedroom interior design by Decorilla

Our designer’s vision brought life to the blank master bedroom, infusing it with a blend of modern and timeless elements. The existing bed became the anchor, complemented by an array of accessories that add texture and depth. The layering of luxurious bedding in muted tones against the dark upholstery fabric particularly contributes to a sophisticated, inviting look. 

Master bedroom before

Wall sconces mounted on either side of the bed provide ambient lighting, their classy form echoing the room’s subdued aesthetic. They also elegantly flank a curated abstract art piece, acting as a visual anchor that complements the calm and collected ambiance. 

Across from the bed, a sleek dresser is paired with an artful mirror. Chic NYC apartment decor completes the ensemble, marrying functionality with appeal. Meanwhile, the soft rug underfoot adds a layer of texture and comfort, its abstract pattern drawing the eye and grounding the room’s design. 

NYC apartment master bedroom design version by Decorilla
NYC apartment master bedroom design by Decorilla

Once again, the design process involved exploring various concepts to enhance the bedroom’s appeal. One seriously considered option was a bold shift to moody yet organic green walls, lending the room an earthy, vibrant backdrop. The idea also involved the introduction of a new bed to redefine the room’s focal point. However, after considering the overall aesthetic and functional goals, both the designer and the client decided to retain the original bed.

NYC apartment interior design solution for a bedroom by Decorilla
Modern-Scandi bedroom by Decorilla

As the final result confirms, the idea was right, especially considering the bed’s suitability to the room’s proportions and the tried-and-tested comfort it offers. The space achieved in return is a serene retreat that brings a quiet elegance into cozy, restful nights. In addition, it proves that sometimes the first instinct flawlessly captures the essence of what is sought in a space. 

Guest Bedroom Retreat

NYC apartment interior design of a bedroom by Decorilla
NYC apartment interior design of a bedroom by Decorilla

The transformation of the third bedroom adds another chapter to the NYC apartment decor story, speaking volumes about the power of thoughtful interior design. Meticulous attention to detail is evident with the furnishings boasting a refined aesthetic appeal, simultaneously offering comfort and utility. At the same time, curated decor completes a cohesive look, exuding a calm, welcoming atmosphere. 

Spare bedroom before

Where once stood a side room with basic functionality now lies a sophisticated space imbued with tranquility and grace. Its layout leverages the abundance of natural light streaming through the window with a soft, neutral color palette that amplifies the brightness and a sense of spaciousness.

A guest bedroom in a New York City apartment by Decorilla
Guest bedroom by Decorilla

A large, textured rug anchors the room. Its gentle hues and patterns add depth without overwhelming the senses. Strategic lighting fixtures provide a warm glow that enhances the room’s inviting feel; sculptural lamps offer function and form. The addition of greenery brings a touch of nature indoors, reinforcing the room’s connection to the outside world and contributing to the overall peacefulness.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Decorilla's shopping list for NYC apartment interior design
Curated shopping list with exclusive trade discounts by Decorilla

Striving to materialize the client’s dream, the designer presented 3D renderings that brought the design to life. They provided clarity and confidence in the client’s decisions and eliminated any uncertainty about their Manhattan apartment interior. This tailored approach, deeply rooted in their functional needs and stylistic preferences, resulted in a seamless and enjoyable design experience.

Casey H.’s keen eye for design and sensitivity to the client’s aspirations helped her curate a stunning home furnishings and decor selection. With the benefit of exclusive trade discounts, she addressed both style and cost-effectiveness with finesse. In return, the client’s appreciation was evident: “We are so happy with how everything turned out! You did an amazing job in combining what we needed functionally with what we wanted style-wise. Thank you again for giving us everything we wanted and more! We loved all the options!”

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Get the Look: Chic NYC Apartment Decor Top Picks

Decorating a New York apartment presents a thrilling opportunity to infuse city-chic elegance with personalized comfort. Our curated selection of elements is designed to inspire, offering pieces that embody the city’s vibrant pulse and the tranquil retreat of home. Explore it to find that perfect blend of sophistication and coziness.

Top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Coffee Table
  3. Curved Sofa
  4. Wall Art
  5. Faux Plant
  6. Table Lamp
  7. Cabinet Chest

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