Black Couple From LA Launches Real Estate Investment Courses

Charles Moore and Miesha Carter, Affordable Real Estate Investment Course Series.

Charles Moore and Miesha Carter, an innovative Black couple from Los Angeles, are revolutionizing real estate investment by launching their Affordable Real Estate Investment Course Series.

Charles Moore and Miesha Carter, an innovative African-American couple from Los Angeles, California, are revolutionizing real estate investment accessibility with the launch of their Affordable Real Estate Investment Course Series.

As seasoned real estate professionals with years of experience, they have a passion for fostering financial growth and are excited to announce that enrollment is open for their transformative online course series.

This initiative is only open and available twice a year and aims to impart unconventional yet successful real estate investment strategies that have been honed and perfected over five years. With a commitment to making quality education accessible, this couple brings forth an opportunity that not only equips but also caters to the budget-conscious investor and levels the playing field. Miesha shares her enthusiasm: “We’re here to help our clients start up, invest up, and scale up.” This is why it is good to tap into a community of like-minded people to pursue real estate investment.

Venturing into the world of real estate investment often requires navigating uncharted waters. Considering this, the couple’s real estate investment courses are designed to offer guidance for people eager to explore innovative investment avenues.

A pivotal focus of this online course lies in aiding individuals in mastering the intricacies of land and real estate government auctions, as well as property liens. These aspects, often overlooked, hold immense potential for those who understand how to navigate them effectively. The course delves deep into the nuances, enabling participants to emerge with a comprehensive understanding.

The highly anticipated Real Estate Investment Class Series titled “Getting Ready for the Auction” stands as a testament to the couple’s commitment to education. This course is a total of 10 modules, 8 Primary modules, and 2 Bonus ones, and this series will give the participants the tools and knowledge to understand the auction process.

The modules include:

November 6, January 8th 2024, March 4th 2024: Free Webinar

January 13, 2024: Series 1 – Understanding Tax Liens and Tax Deeds Property Auctions

January 27, 2024: Series 2 – How To Bid At The Property Auction

February 10th, 2024: Series 3 – Researching Tax Property

February 24th, 2024: Series 4 – Getting The Auction Rules

March 9th, 2024: Series 5 – Searching For Liens

March 23, 2024: Series 6 – Zoning

April 13th, 2024: Series 7 – Board of Health and Properties

April 27, 2024: Series 8 – Wiinning The Bid

May 11th, 2024: Bonus Session 2: What To Do With Properties

May 25th, 2024: Bonus Session 3: Creating Your Team

“We believe that everyone should have access to effective investment education,” says Miesha.

Her husband, Charles, comments, “Our courses are designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and strategies necessary to explore unconventional avenues in real estate.”

Enrollment for these courses is now open, offering a unique opportunity to learn directly from experts who have successfully implemented the very same strategies they teach. Participants gain access to a treasure trove of practical insights, industry secrets, and actionable tips that can pave the way to realizing their real estate aspirations.

For further information and enrollment details, interested individuals can reach out to [email protected]

Their courses promise a transformative journey, unlocking doors to lucrative investment opportunities. Graduates of the course series emerge not just equipped but confidently prepared to navigate the intricate financial and legal complexities of real estate auctions across the United States.

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