Building A Floating Deck + Grill Station (In One Weekend)!

Looking for a dedicated grill station? Build a floating deck for your grill in just one weekend of work!

I have wanted to purchase a grill for our backyard since the day we closed on our house, but after redoing our entire deck, I realized we didn’t have the space to fit the grill anymore. So, when your new grill doesn’t fit on your deck, you build a deck for your new grill! I created a DIY floating deck and grill station right off our main deck in just two days of work. Here’s how!

How To Build A Floating Deck

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Building a floating deck does not have to be complicated. In fact, this one was made in just a few easy steps.

Quick Tip: Make sure to check with your local town regarding rules and regulations for adding structures to your yard!

Materials + Tools




The Steps

Step 1: First, I added my decking posts by digging holes in the ground and dropping my concrete posts onto compacted gravel. This is totally optional (you can build your deck on gravel or concrete), but this is what worked best for my yard as I wanted the base to look like it was floating. It’s super important to make sure everything is level in this step!

Step 2: Next, I created my deck frame with 2×6 boards and decking screws. My deck is 60 x 60″ square and 6″ high.

Step 3: Once the frame was built, I installed it on top of the decking blocks and finished installing the blocking supports.

Step 4: Next up, I added my decking boards with screws. I chose to install the boards long and then cut them to their final size with my track saw later in the process (you can trim them before you install, if that’s easier for you).

Spoiler Alert: I kept my offcuts for a really cool outdoor project that I can’t wait to share soon!

I also decided to add my border pieces during this process as well to make the floating deck look extra polished.

Step 5: Once the decking boards were install, it was time to sand and stain.

Step 6: You know I love a good privacy wall project, so I decided to level up this floating deck with a privacy wall using my favorite HOFT post system. I just attached the posts to the floating deck and then dropped my boards and my spacers into the channels.

Step 7: Once everything was dry, I added my grill, my herb pots, and turned some planters into string light holders!

And, after one weekend of work we had a cool floating deck/grill station in our backyard!

I’m honestly obsessed with this little grill station and this floating deck!

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