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The former office and subsequent dwelling is part of the Ensanche Bilbaíno, and is located on the top floor of a building from the 60s of little architectural interest. The primary structure is composed of the typical grid of reinforced concrete porticos, although the roof structure is made up of wooden load-bearing elements with a Marseillaise flat tile covering. This roof seems to have been added later.

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The owner is a young couple and their young son. The development of the functional program was defined with the classic daytime space of kitchen-dining-living and the private night area of two bedrooms, one of which, should also integrate a full bathroom.

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By naming the project Burgatoi we make our own a term from the nautical world that refers to a piece of curved wood used in the construction of a ship. The idea is to make a simile with the curved construction of the living space in this house.

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This is an interior renovation project in which the expressive character is enhanced through the continuous gesture linked to the outline of a curve. A concept that recalls the architectural promenade, Le Corbusier’s “promenade”, discovering the dwelling as it moves through, sequencing the program from the spaces for daytime use to those for nighttime use like a ribbon that runs along its longitudinal axis.

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This operation pursued two objectives: the first, was to understand the house as a sequence of continuous spaces that allow flexibility in their use, thus avoiding corridors in the day area while becoming fluid rooms. The second is to hide the scattered ventilation “patiejos”, taking advantage of the interstices to house the necessary services and storage.

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The sum of these concepts together with the personality, confidence, and courage provided by the clients engendered the outline of a soft curve capable of being form and function simultaneously working as a backbone and organizer of the required program of uses.

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Architects: Tenka; Area: 1184 ft²; Year: 2022; Photographs: Biderbost Photo;
Manufacturers: ECLISSE, Vibia, Ferm Living, Basf Suelo, Cevica, Formani, HAY, Mutina, Schuco, Simon, String Furniture, Wow Design; Lead Architect: Tenka;

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