Can You Use a Mop on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

One of the best things people love about vinyl plank flooring is the straightforward cleaning. No heavy maintenance and intricate cleaning procedure are applied to keep them in their form.

The flooring that is manufactured as an alternative to linoleum has welcomed giant appreciation for being long-lasting. Many people are concerned about which cleaning method to embrace, so the shine of the floors stays.

I clean my luxury floors once a week with a mop so yes, you can use a mop on vinyl plank flooring. I will disclose my cleaning ways in this guide and will also let you know about different ways to clean your floors. Stay tuned.

Best Mops to Use on Vinyl Plank Flooring

  1. Use a dry mop to swab all the easygoing dust scraps from the vinyl surface.
  2. Wet mop maintains the shine of your floors, making them as new as they were initially.
  3. Microfiber mop is the most attainable option for cleansing vinyl tiles.
  4. You can get your hands on a steam mop while keeping all the protection in mind.


Use Mop on Vinyl Plank Floors

The mop is the widely used way for cleaning vinyl plank flooring. Whether your wooden floors have become houses of grime or require massive cleaning on Vinyl floors, using the appropriate cleaning solution with a mop is the ultimate answer.

If you are still deciding whether to use a mop on your luxury vinyl floors, proceed with this method because it doesn’t harm the tiles or planks. I have used it many times, and the way it shines on my floors is exceptional.

Different Mops for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Protecting your floors from blemishes and scuff marks rendered due to wrong cleaning procedures is critical. However, different types of mops are available, and you can only go with some for floor cleaning. Let me share which mop is effective and which one can cause issues.

1- Dry Mop for Luxury Vinyl Plank

Let’s begin with a dry mop that I often use to clean dirt from my beautiful floors. First things come first; instead of jumping to the solution, wipe off all the soil or loose dust particles and organize your floor for massive cleaning. I use a dry mop and vacuum cleaner to eliminate dry dirt.

Dry Mop for Luxury Vinyl Plank

Do not overuse water on your vinyl floors because it might enter the planks and impair them. Water can also loosen the glue that you applied to install the floor. Keep the water limit minimal even if you have purchased 100% waterproof vinyl planks.

With the dry mop, tackle the dirt from every space and under furniture. I always prefer the S cleaning pattern because it vacates the dust better. I always keep a broom and a pan beside me to collect large dust particles. Here is a friendly reminder, never ignore small dust pieces because they cause trouble later. Hence, a dry mop on vinyl plank flooring is acceptable.

2- Wet Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors Shine

You have understood how to use a dry mop on vinyl floors. Now comes a wet mop that is also the main item available everywhere. I always pick a microfiber flip mop for wet mopping because it is the best cleaner for vinyl plank floors. Do not overwet your floors, as earlier said. It would help if you were cautious about water use because excessive water can spoil vinyl planks.

Wet Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors Shine

After using a pad for a cleaning session, it is always great to dispose of it instead of using it again. A fresh pad cleans the surface appropriately. Using a Sponge mop is inaccurate because it has an abrasive pad that creates scratches.

I have never purchased readymade cleaning procedures to apply on my dirty vinyl floors. I always take vinegar and baking soda and mix them in warm water. You can use a wet mop on LVP flooring but with little care.

3- Using Steam Mop on Vinyl Flooring

Many people keep steam mops at home because it is the best vinyl floor cleaner machine for them. The question is, is it safe to use a steam mop on your delicate vinyl floors? Many people will say no, but wait; it is not the final answer.

Stream mops emit moisture which is not good for vinyl planks. The moisture can also weaken the glue used to join the floor. However, with proper use, you can utilize this cleaning method. I have tested steam mops on my floor with precautions, and nothing went wrong.

Steam Mop on Vinyl Flooring

While using the mop, be careful about the setting. Please keep it on lower, so it doesn’t hurt your floors. Stay calm about water use because it applies less water than traditional mops. Remember to ask the manufacturer about the directions. With these details, you can comfortably use a steam mop on Luxury vinyl floors.

How to Care for Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

If you want to keep something for a longer time, invest in them in terms of time and effort. Let me share a few points you should adopt and a few you should avoid if you want to facilitate your LVP flooring.

Never take regular cleaning lightly. You must find time from your work routine to protect your floors from mishaps. I regularly clean my floors so they stay with me for longer.

As soon as you see a dust particle, wipe it off because it becomes a stain that is challenging to eliminate. Please do not wait for the cleaning session; take a mop and release it.

Always use products compatible with your floors. Do not pick harsh cleaning tools that can cause damage. Stay away from abrasive cleaning pads.

While purchasing vinyl planks, have some extra so that if any plank is damaged, you can quickly change it instead of heading toward stores.

These are a few precautions I always follow to save my floors from pigments and scrapes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you are no longer worried about how to make floors shine again. I will do a quick question-answer session for more relaxation so your doubts are fully cleared.

Which Homemade Solution to Use on Vinyl Floors?

Cleaning Vinyl flooring with vinegar and Baking soda is the flawless solution for all the dirt and grime. Lay the solution and use a traditional mop to spread it over the floor. The floors will be cleared of all the dust and tough stains.

Which Mop is Perfect for Vinyl Flooring?

People often prefer Microfiber mops for vinyl floors because they fully protect them and bring back the lost shine. This mop clears dust from corners and hard surfaces. Hence, pick this option if you find the right mop for LVP flooring.

Which Cleaner is Secure for Vinyl Floors?

The best cleaner for floors is homemade, which you prepare without harmful chemicals. However, you can buy from stores, including Method All Purpose cleaner, due to time shortage. You can take notes from the manufacturer as he can better assist you.

What Should You Not Use to Clean Vinyl Floors?

Do not use harsh chemicals and abrasive pads on Vinyl floors because they result in scratches and other concerns. Wax and Solvent polishes are also strictly prohibited. Moreover, never use a steam mop on a high setting. Excessive water and soap solution are also harmful.


If your pretty Vinyl floors are losing shine with time despite your regular cleaning, the issue might be the cleaning method and tools you observe. Using Mop on the floors is acceptable, but which mop you use is the real question.

The most used mop on Vinyl floors is Microfiber. You can also use a steam mop but be sure about the settings. The too-high setting can provoke concerns. Using excessive water on these floors is a big No because water and soap solutions can reach the planks, weakening the glue-down installation. Avoid it.

I hope you do not need more clarification regarding using a mop on vinyl plank flooring. Follow the details and keep your floor as shiny as they were before.

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