Centralize construction files with BuildingConnected Pro and Autodesk Docs  

Think about how many files and documents construction teams manage daily, especially during preconstruction, or the planning phase. From specs, drawings, addenda, RFIs, and bidder proposals… the list goes on. With an overwhelming number of files that need to be managed per project, per day, it comes as no surprise that construction professionals waste on average 5.5 hours a weekjust looking for project plans and information alone, according to the FMI and Autodesk report.  

When there is no single source of truth, there are data silos everywhere, making it harder to get the right information you need right away. Files critical to preconstruction live in so many different systems. This increases the risk of outdated files or manual errors and makes collaboration with your team or other stakeholders extremely difficult. Just think about how many times you have had to manually download and re-upload the same files to another system, and don’t forget the excruciating process of updating new versions of the same document.  

Not to mention, without a centralized document management system in place, projects are far more likely to get off track in both budget and time. According to recent statistics, “52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication.”  

Introducing the BC Pro and Autodesk Docs Integration 

At Autodesk, we understand the importance of having a single source of truth to manage all construction documents across the project lifecycle, from preconstruction all the way to construction. This integration does just that.  

With the integration, a BuildingConnected project can be linked with a new or existing Autodesk Construction Cloud project. Once linked with Autodesk Docs, all files are synced between BuildingConnected and Autodesk Docs. The files can be accessed in other workflows in Autodesk Construction Cloud, such as Autodesk Takeoff and Autodesk Build. Any changes to the files made in BuildingConnected are reflected in Autodesk Docs, and vice versa. This keeps teams on the same page from the start of the project.  

Leverage Autodesk Docs as the single source of truth  

Harry McKinney, VP of Technology and Innovation at Clancy & Theys Construction, said it best, “The more we can integrate our software systems, such that we are all working from the same set of files rather than copying them around to different places, the less likely we are to run into issues, and the smoother everything will run.”  

When contractors use Autodesk Docs as their single source of truth, it saves teams time and ensures that everyone is working off the latest documents as the files live in just one place. No more copying and pasting or downloading and re-uploading of files, minimizing chances for costly mistakes and errors. Files just need to be uploaded once and are available to be used in BuildingConnected and other Autodesk Construction Cloud projects.  

Facilitate easier handoff between teams and increase collaboration  

One of the biggest advantages of using the BC Pro and Autodesk Docs integration for GCs and specialty contractors is they can immediately sync their files to other workflows, such as Autodesk Takeoff or Autodesk Build, and provide the right level of access to the right teams. This facilitates handoff between teams, increases transparency and collaboration, and decreases miscommunication.  

When all the files already live in Autodesk Docs during preconstruction, all necessary documents are right there for project managers to pick up during construction. Alternatively, contractors can move their BuildingConnected files over at the time of award so that files are ready in Autodesk Build or during the construction phase.  

This integration is particularly helpful during phased bidding. As each new set of construction documents is released, they can be hosted in Autodesk Docs, enabling a single source of truth for the full version history of project files. New sets can then be quickly pushed over to BuildingConnected to share with bidders. Instead of re-uploading files into BuildingConnected, simply attach the right files already saved in Autodesk Docs.  

Successful projects start with the BuildingConnected Pro and Autodesk Docs integration  

Your document management practices can make or break your project’s profitability, especially during preconstruction. That’s why it’s essential to equip your team with the best tools that can get the job done. Check out the BC Pro and Autodesk Docs integration today to improve your document management from preconstruction to construction.  

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