ChatGPT Reviews Resumes: Eye-Openers and Red Flags!

Are you intrigued by the prospect of AI analyzing your resume? Are you curious about how AI-assisted career advice can shape your job search? Here, we explore the fascinating world of AI-assisted resume feedback with an interesting experiment.

We asked five daring individuals to entrust their resumes to the keen eye of AI. We utilized the latest ChatGPT Turbo tool, designed to provide quick and detailed resume feedback in user-friendly terms. The Turbo feature simplifies the process of using AI to review a resume: upload a resume screenshot and voilà – prompt, detailed analysis at your fingertips.

Our journey revealed that ChatGPT’s insights often aligned perfectly with our established best practices.

But there were moments of delightful surprise, too! For instance, ChatGPT humorously proposed renaming a gap year as ‘time traveling’ – a creative twist, though we advise a more conventional term like ‘sabbatical.

Dive into our analysis as we present ten transformative tips to metamorphose your resume. From a basic career outline to a compelling narrative that captivates and convinces. 

At MatchBuilt, with over a decade of experience in career coaching and executive placements, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to guide you through your job search journey.

Here’s how this guide will transform your resume approach:

  • Tailored Expert Insights: Gain from our extensive industry knowledge, specifically honed to optimize your resume for AI and human eyes alike. Your asset is our expertise in guiding candidates through the intricate job application process.
  • Strategic Authoritative Guidance: Benefit from bespoke strategies crafted from our deep understanding of industry trends and the latest in AI-assisted recruitment technology.
  • Proven Reliable Techniques: Employ methods that have consistently earned the trust of industry leaders, with a special focus on behavioral managerial assessments and AI compatibility.

Let’s get after it.

ChatGPT AI Analyzing a Resume Screenshot

Optimizing Your Resume: Balancing AI Insights and Professional Expertise

1. Help the Reader Scan with Appropriate White Space

ChatGPT’s Finding: Dense text is a reader’s nightmare.

Our Take: White space is your friend. Remember that, more often than not, hiring managers are simply scanning your resume. Well-placed white space guides the reader to your most significant achievements. Once their eyes have landed there, your text should be concise and purposeful. Every word matters. 

2. Make Numbers Count with Quantifiable Achievements

ChatGPT’s Finding: Data-driven results are persuasive.

Our Take: We agree wholeheartedly. Adding context to the numbers, though, turns statistics into stories that showcase your ability to overcome challenges and drive results. This is what turns a good resume into a great one. 

Here’s an example: 

  • Before: Managed sales team and increased client base.
  • After: Spearheaded a 12-member sales team to penetrate new markets, increasing the client base by 35% in one year and exceeding quarterly revenue targets by 15%.

When you use statistics to tell a story, hiring managers get a clear picture of your value—and get an understanding of how you’ll be able to help them meet their goals. 

3. Stand Out with a Modern and Organized Resume Layout

ChatGPT’s Finding: Design-forward resumes can make an impact.

Our Take: Balance is key. Prioritize a template that is visually appealing and—most importantly— easy to read. The information on your resume needs to be easy for your reader to digest. While playing with design can be fun, you never want it to overpower your resume’s content. 

4. Customize Effectively: Tailoring Isn’t Just Revising a Few Details

ChatGPT’s Finding: Resumes should be personalized for the job.

Our Take: Tailoring your resume to the job is a must—and you want to be thorough. Show the hiring manager exactly how your skills and experiences align closely with the job’s requirements and needs of the employer. This is about more than inserting a few keywords. Take the time to go through the whole thing. 

Here’s an example:

  • Job Description Bullet Point:
    • Seeking a detail-oriented project manager with experience in leading cross-functional teams to deliver technology solutions on time and within budget.
  • Tailored Resume Bullet Point:
    • Proven track record as a detail-oriented Project Manager, adept in steering cross-functional teams of 20+ members to deliver complex technology solutions, achieving 100% on-time completion rate and consistently staying 10% under budget across multiple projects.

Need help with bullet points?  Try our interactive bullet point generator to transform your resume instantly.

5. Drive Action with Dynamic Verbs

ChatGPT’s Finding: Active verbs energize your resume.

Our Take: This is true, but you don’t want to pepper in active verbs without considering sentence structure. Varying your sentence starters can keep the reader’s attention and demonstrate the breadth of your achievements. You’d be surprised how many resumes we see where three bullet points in a row start with “Managed…” Reach for your thesaurus and avoid repeat verbs. 

6. Rethink the Professional Summary: Is It Really Necessary?

ChatGPT’s Finding: A summary provides a quick glimpse of your professional identity.

Our Take: While some argue a summary can be a neat bow that ties your resume together, we’re skeptical. 

Often, they’re overlooked as they tend to be in paragraph form—dense text that gets skimmed over. Our advice? Ditch the summary. 

Instead, use that prime real estate to get right into your experience and achievements. Showcase your fit for the role right off the bat. After all, if it doesn’t get read, it doesn’t help you.

7. Skills Section: Essential or Just ATS Fodder?

ChatGPT’s Finding: A distinct skills section is a must-have.

Our Take: The necessity of a skills section is often debated. We believe that it’s less about checking a box and more about strategy. 

If you’re in an industry where ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) plays a significant role in the hiring process, a well-defined skills section can be your ticket through those digital gatekeepers. 

However, if you’re targeting smaller companies or roles where direct human evaluation is more likely, integrating your skills into your experience bullet points might prove more effective than a list. 

This approach weaves your capabilities seamlessly into your career story, making every line count.

8. Enhace Your Resume with Varied and Dynamic Language

ChatGPT’s Finding: Repetition can weaken your resume’s punch.

Our Take: Varying your language not only maintains the reader’s interest but also highlights different dimensions of your experience and adaptability. It also demonstrates your written communication skills. 

Here’s an example:


  • Managed a team of 10 sales associates.
  • Managed departmental budget and reduced expenses by 10%.
  • Managed client relations and increased customer satisfaction scores by 15%.


  • Led a team of 10 sales associates to surpass performance goals, enhancing team productivity and driving a 20% increase in sales.
  • Administered a comprehensive departmental budget strategy, achieving a cost reduction of 10% while maintaining operational efficiency.
  • Nurtured client partnerships, developing initiatives that elevated customer satisfaction by 15% through targeted relationship management.

Need help creating dynamic bullet points?  Check out our free bullet point generator here.

9. Demonstrate Value with Specific and Concise Examples

ChatGPT’s Finding: Detailed achievements prove your value.

Our Take: Be as specific as possible without sacrificing brevity. What are your most significant milestones? Your proudest achievements and most meaningful projects? A tight, well-phrased example can often say more than a lengthy description. 

Need help communicating your value? Check out our post on how to show that you’re a team player on your resume.

10. Watch Your Use of Overly Personalized Fonts

ChatGPT’s Suggestion: Choose a unique font for your resume to make it stand out, such as “Comic Sans” or “Papyrus,” to inject personality into it.

Our Take: While it’s important to stand out, it should be based on merit, not on gimmicky font choices.

Choosing more than one font or a non-standard or overly stylized font can be unprofessional and may even hinder readability. 

Sticking to clean, classic fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman is best. A resume should be free of distractions and easy to read so hiring managers can focus on your accomplishments. 

Infographic on Enhancing Resumes with AI and Expert Insights

Recruiters Challenge ChatGPT’s Analysis of Resumes – Final Thoughts

Your resume is your professional highlights reel—make it sell your skills and experiences effectively. While AI can provide helpful tips, it’s not infallible. The key is to filter AI feedback for the insights that will help you truly enhance your unique story on the page. 

Are you hungry for more job search tools? Check out our free AI resource suite to assist you throughout the process, including our list of the 30 best ChatGPT prompts for resume writing. Together, we’ll ensure your resume doesn’t just tell your history—it launches your future.

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