ConstructConnect’s Commitment to Deliver Customer Value

Each year, Customer Service Week is observed as a global celebration of the importance of customer service and those who dedicate their careers to supporting customers each day. Although it is just one week, observed this year from October 2-6, here at ConstructConnect we rally around a shared commitment to “Deliver Customer Value” every day throughout the year.

We embrace that commitment to “Deliver Customer Value” as one of ConstructConnect’s five core company values – the others being People First, Expand Your Impact, Make It Happen and Embrace Change. Our team members know that delivering customer value involves listening to our customers to understand their challenges, providing the right solution, and making it easy for our customers – whether internal or external to the company, depending on our roles – to get what they need.

This week, we honor the outstanding ConstructConnect team members who elevate our customer service by sharing the importance of Delivering Customer Value – in their own words.

  • Susan Ripley, Vice President, User Experience: “’Delivering Customer Value’ is what most excites and drives me each day. As part of the Experience Design Team within Product, our entire process puts the customer at the heart of what we do as we work with them to find the most painful problems and then solve them in a delightful way.”
  • Daniel Wal, Sr. UX Content Strategist: “I have come to understand that our products are transformative – meaning that our products help our customers transform their business, and they become integral to the success of that business. I feel we have a serious obligation to our customers to be vigilant with quality, stability, innovation, and training.”
  • Kim Bedgood, Customer Service Representative: “What motivates me is getting to meet interesting people every day. I am proud to say that in Customer Service we work together as a team to make sure we listen to what the customer is saying, as well as to show empathy to their situation.”
  • Kelly Murphy, Sr. Manager, Customer Success: “’Delivering Customer Value’ is at the core of all our interactions with our customers. We are always listening and advocating for the best experience to keep their business and produce results.”

  • Steve Pompel, Technical Support Representative: “I want our customers to get the most out of our products. I try and place myself in their shoes and imagine the situation from their perspective. This motivates and gives me the perspective to make their interactions with me as positive and productive as possible. The fact that our company underscores this position further invigorates my commitment and passion.”
  • Anthony Guerreso, Sr. Director, Product Marketing: ConstructConnect’s mission starts and ends with delivering customer value. It is absolutely critical to the success of our business. If we don’t listen to our customers, deeply understand their pain points, and deliver a product that makes their jobs and lives easier, we don’t have a business.
  • Beauly Cira, Manager, Customer Experience: “In my role, I am motivated to learn how each customer defines their desired business outcomes using our suite of solutions. Coupled with an understanding of their workflow, this allows me to fully integrate solutions that create efficiencies in the customer’s business – ultimately making many customers feel like they made the right choice in lead providers.”
  • Kayla Logan, Customer Success Manager: “Our customers are why we are here! Being on the frontline as a Customer Success Manager, I feel that every interaction I have with a customer helps to deliver value. Hearing how they utilize our products to help their business is empowering – and knowing that they have a dedicated account manager to help answer questions is a really great feature that I think distinguishes us within the industry.”
  • Andy Meyer, Manager, User Interface Design: “Over my 16 years here I’ve had countless conversations with customers about how pivotal our software/service was/is in ‘keeping the lights on’ or allowing a small business to survive. It’s very eye-opening when you realize that the service we provide might be ‘the thing’ that determines the success of a small business and keeping their dream going. If that isn’t delivering customer value, then I don’t know what is!”
  • Matt Long, Manager, Software Engineering: “Recognizing that delivering customer value is an ongoing process has helped me understand its importance in our company. My focus currently is with teams that have internal customers. Understanding their reliance on our products and services to bring the features to our external customers has been crucial to grasp the value they seek daily, benefiting our organization’s success.”
  • Jessica Berlanga, Group Product Manager: “I am very proud that ConstructConnect focuses on ‘Delivering Customer Value.’ We are investing in delivering innovative, secure solutions and identified methods to improve quality in the products our customers love. It is great to see that everyone I collaborate with across our organization lives this commitment.”

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