Cutting Renovation Costs: Our Top Tips

When looking at cutting renovation costs, there are a several different tactics that may help you along the way. There are many different avenues that are worth exploring when looking to save some money on a home renovation from switching out different brands or materials to seeking out second hand items and reducing the overall extent of your renovation to better fit your budget and needs.

Cutting Renovation Costs: Swap out Brands & Materials

Take advantage of your Designer’s industry knowledge and investigate which brands can be swapped out in your home renovation. Engineered stone benchtops for example are available from several different brands, each with its own pricing strategy; you can often find a comparable colour option in another stone brand at a better price that will suit your creative vision! The same can be applied for kitchen cabinetry finishes, fittings and fixtures, appliances and much more. Of course, there may be certain brands you may prefer to not step away from; in this case, see what other areas in your home renovation budget can be dialled back. Have your eye on that luxurious Italian stove and simply do not want to compromise? See if you can source cheaper kitchen tiles and tap fittings to help even out the cost! There’s always a way, all it takes is some creative research!

Caesarstone Noble Grey_Cutting Renovation Costs
Engineered stone benchtop brands such as Caesarstone will include a selection of different price tiers within their own collections. You can reduce the cost of your home renovation by swapping out a premium benchtop with a more cost effective option that will still create a similar style.

Consider Including Recycled/Upcycled Products

Using recycled products in your home renovation may not always lead to cost savings with certain materials being priced a little higher than newly made materials as a result of the additional labour required in the recycling process. Do not let this deter you however! You may be pleasantly surprised when comparing the cost of various materials such as recycled glass tiles, benchtops and even recycled timber furniture. You also have the option of incorporating second hand items where possible or ‘upcycling’ different items: examples include converting dressers into a bathroom vanity, sourcing used light fittings and giving them a second life or converting a piece of furniture into a kitchen island.

Upcycled Bathroom Vanity_Cutting Renovation Costs
Upcycling pieces of furniture to create a bathroom vanity or even a new kitchen island will save you a bundle on your next home renovation project! For more tips, checkout Bunning’s rundown bathroom vanity makeovers.

Reduce the Extent of your Renovation

Now this one can be tricky, especially if you truly have your heart set on a particular style in your home renovation. Working closely with your Designer and Builder, you will be surprised at just how much the savings can pile up with some simple creative work! You may want to consider reducing the amount of new windows in your home renovation or reducing the amount of demolition in your project. When working on a home renovation, the key to a successful project that will fit in with your budget is to maintain as much of the existing home as is reasonable and making simple yet creative adjustments that will allow you the creative vision you are looking for.

Plumbing & Electrical Work

A commonly used tactic in cutting renovation costs is to ensure plumbing or electrical fittings remain in the same location as the existing fittings. This technique can assist you in reducing costs in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom when renovating by ensuring minimal work is required.

Cutting Renovation Costs by Doing it Yourself!

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! If you are looking to further decrease costs in your home renovation project, have a look at which areas you can work on yourself. From painting to landscaping and more, there are many different areas that can be comfortably completed as a DIY project. All it takes of course, is a little bit of elbow grease!

Backyard Ideas
Where practical, some landscaping projects can be completed without the need to outsource. Although this may not always be the case depending on your specific landscape design, there are many ways to create a stunning, luscious garden as a DIY project! Seek expert advice from your local nursery on the best types of plants you may need for your home’s climate, level of natural light and your needs (such as privacy, etc.). Image: Pexels

Cutting renovation costs can be a challenge however, all it takes is some creative design work and perhaps a little compromise!

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