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Famous chair designs - iconic chairs in a living room design

Famous chair designs in a lounge by Decorilla

Discover iconic chairs that have left a lasting imprint on design history. From the sleek curves of the Eames to the ethereal Ghost Chair, these mesmerizing seats boast the utmost creativity and innovation. Here are the most famous chair designs still putting the oomph into interiors!

Famous Mid-Century Chairs for Modernist Chic

Famous chair designs - famous mid century designer chairs in a lounge

Modern sitting room by Decorilla designer, Sara R.

Step back in time to the decades that brought the world something different: an approachable yet bold modern style. These mid-century designs have become legendary in the world of furniture. Each piece carries with it a rich history and an enduring legacy of chic innovation.

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1. The Shell Chair: Futuristic Modern Design

Iconic chairs - Famous Shell chair design

Iconic Shell Chair in a mid-century lounge by Decorilla

The sweeping silhouette of the Shell Chair is a picture frozen in time, yet it fits contemporary interiors so well. Although its initial introduction was in 1963, the public took a while to warm to its futuristic design with interest surging only after its re-release in 1997. It may be that Danish designer Hans Wegner’s genius was ahead of its time. Whatever the case, the piece is undeniably spellbinding with unique, bent plywood curves that look good from every angle. This comfy piece of functional design will certainly be most at home in a bespoke interior design.

2. The Barcelona Chair: Simple Refinement

Iconic chairs - famous mid century modern chair designs in a living room

Iconic Barcelona Chair in a home library by Decorilla designer, Leonora M.

One of the most famous mid-century chairs, the Barcelona Chair, boasts versatility and a minimal form. This unfussy yet striking design is the brainchild of modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The minimalist aesthetic makes it a daring statement in interior design – it beckons to enjoy its ingenious form and sculptural quality. Thanks to its look, this iconic chair can complement a wide range of interior styles, making it a perfect contender for mixing furniture styles.

3. The Egg Chair: An Avant-Garde Creation

Famous mid century chairs - Famous egg chair in a living room design

Famous Egg Chair in a design by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair is a true marvel of modern Danish design. It transcends the boundaries of mere function to become a renowned piece of art. Plus, with its distinctive shape, this famous chair not only offers a comfortable seat but also adds an avant-garde touch. This design is sure to elevate the ambiance of any room – from mid-century style to eclectic and more!

Famous Designer Chairs for Detailed Design 

Famous chair designs - iconic chairs

Contemporary living room design by Decorilla

Here we have a curated collection of the world’s most loved iconic designer chairs. Each exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation through the years. These pieces give a tailored quality to interiors. 

4. The Ghost Chair: A Classic Goes Transparent

Famous chair designs - iconic chairs with the Ghost Chair

Neoclassical dining room design by Decorilla

Philippe Starck turned a beloved classic on its head by making it transparent. But the result was captivating! So much so that his innovative take on the ornate and upholstered Louis XVI chair continues to wow in interiors today. The Ghost Chair stripped away the once ornate piece to the bare minimum, showing the pleasing curved backrest and legs. Its transparent acrylic design gracefully marries tradition and modernity, suiting anything from neoclassical to Scandinavian styles. 

5. The Panton Chair: Organic Form with a Twist

Famous chair designs - iconic Panton dining chairs in a contemporary interior

Modern dining room design by Decorilla

Verner Panton’s Panton Chair stands as a remarkable testament to organic design, with its fluid, curvaceous form. Its sculptural quality was an instant hit after its release and is still a sensation in interior design. As one of the most famous modern chairs, the Panton is truly eye-catching. That said, if you’re thinking of making it your own, look into vintage pieces or ones made from sustainable materials. The initial all-plastic design won’t suit an eco-friendly home of today, but recycled plastic makes a happy compromise. 

6. The Master’s Chair: A Tribute to the Ages

Famous chairs - iconic dining design with the Masters Chairs

Contemporary interior with iconic chairs by Decorilla

Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet’s Masters Chair pays a heartfelt tribute to design history. By skillfully interweaving the silhouettes of iconic chairs into a single, harmonious creation, this contemporary design serves as a timeless statement of modern elegance and innovation. This accomplishment cements its place among celebrated designer chairs.

Famous Lounge Chairs for Unrivaled Reclining 

Famous modern chairs in history in a black and white interior design

Contemporary glam lounge by Decorilla designer, Erika F.

Lounge chairs have always been synonymous with comfort and relaxation. It’s easy to see why – they provide a slice of heavenly unwinding after a long day. Let’s explore the most iconic lounge chairs that make interiors pop with exquisite designs. 

7. The Eames Lounge: A Modern Favorite 

Famous chair designs - iconic and famous eames chair design

Iconic Eames Lounge Chair in a design by Decorilla

The Eames Lounge Chair shows just what something needs to be oh-so stylish and irresistibly comfy. Charles and Ray Eames got the balance between aesthetics and function just right. Its fusion of ergonomics and high-end style has made it a favorite in interiors globally. In fact, its bent wood form has become an indispensable symbol of modern interior design. Plus, the Eames Lounge is versatile enough to suit designs from a home library to a living room, bedroom, and even an office.

8. The Pearsall Channel Stitch: Attentive Style

Iconic chairs - famous mid century modern chair designs

Contemporary living room by Decorilla designer, Erika F.

Love a simple yet sophisticated chaise silhouette? Then Christopher Knight’s Pearsall Channel Stitch Chaise Lounge might be your fit. Its iconic style is characterized by a sleek and minimalist shape, a hallmark of mid-century modern furniture. The channel stitching, a distinctive design element, not only adds visual interest but also shows attention to detail in crafting this piece. The choice of materials often reflects the mid-century ethos, with a mix of wood and upholstery that exudes both warmth and sophistication.

9. The LC4 Chaise Longue: Daring Streamlined Elegance

Popular chair designs - iconic and most famous chairs in a living room

Famous chair styles by Decorilla designer, Jasmine T.

Le Corbusier’s LC4 Chaise Longue exudes timeless refinement with its streamlined design and ergonomic perfection. A true work of art of modernist furniture, this iconic lounge chair effortlessly combines shape and relaxation, earning its place as an enduring symbol of luxury. This chaise is one of the more daring pieces with a unique and unmissable pillow design. 

Famous Dining Chairs for Tasteful Interiors

Famous chair designs - iconic and famous dining chairs

Iconic modern dining room by Decorilla

When it comes to shaping the ambiance of a dining room, your dining chair picks are paramount. Let’s look at renowned dining chairs that have endured through the ages. These pieces are celebrated for their captivating style and unwavering functionality.

10. The Wishbone Chair: Timeless Scandinavian Style

Famouse dining chairs with a modern interior design

Modern organic interior design by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

Hans Wegner’s Wishbone Chair has become one of the most famous Scandinavian designs to date. With natural materials gracing its form, the Wishbone Chair is the perfect piece for nature-inspired styles, like Scandinavian, Japandi and modern organic. Its clean lines and texture-rich woven seat brings aesthetic and tactile qualities to a dining room design.

11. The Tulip Chair: Futuristic Meets Floral Form 

Iconic tulip chairs in a living room - famous chair designs

Iconic Tulip Chairs in a modern interior by Decorilla

Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair, celebrated for its futuristic design and flowing form, has earned its spot among the most famous iconic chairs in history. The innovative and eye-catching design can suit a highly contemporary interior, classic modern as well as a maximalist glam design. Despite being daring, the Tulip Chair proves flexible when it comes to interior styles.  

12. The No. 14 Chair: Ageless Bentwood Beauty

Famous chair designs - iconic chairs with the no 14 Thonet chair

Scandinavian-style dining room by Decorilla

The Thonet No.14 Chair is the one that dates back the furthest on this list. From the 1850s, the Thonet collection by Micheal Thonet has truly stood the test of time. These iconic chairs were revolutionary, boasting curved wood backrests and exquisite quality. The modest No.14 Chair has adorned dining rooms for over a century – and its appeal is not wavering. It has certainly secured its place among iconic chair designs, appreciated for its refinement and craftsmanship across generations.

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