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A wrapping up of our internship program…

Our interns last week has already snuck up on us! We are so happy to have this great class of interns, and while we are sad that their internships are over, we wish them the best of luck as they start another school year or move onto their next endeavors.

We asked a few of our interns to sum up their experience and what they learned over the past few months:

Tim Ott:

“I really enjoyed my summer internship and everything I learned will help me in my future career. There was so much I liked that it is hard to talk about just one thing. One of my favorite things was every Friday at my jobsite we would have team lunches and it was a highlight of every week. It was just a relaxing time at the end of the week to forget about work for a little bit. I also really enjoyed the jobsite tour because it was really cool to see all the different jobsites all the other interns were on this summer. I think the most useful thing I learned is how to use to Procore. There is a lot to do in Procore and having a good understanding of it will help me so much in the future.”

Cooper Walchle:

“This summer I have been working out at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse remodel. One thing that I have particularly enjoyed throughout my time here is being able to work with such a great team each day. One highlight of my internship would have to be watching the demolition process inside the fieldhouse, this type of construction and the methods used were very unique and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The biggest take away from this summer is that if you want to be successful in your future career, it is very important that you stay proactive with internal and external team members, along with anyone else you may be conducting business with. Over the past two summers at Shiel Sexton, I have learned far more than I ever have in any classroom, and I am very appreciative of the opportunity that I have been presented and the connections I have made along the way.”

Abigail Osman:

“During my internship I have learned so much about RFI’s, the submittal process, management on site, and the general day-to-day of the construction process. Over the summer I made my way through 3 of the 4 offices in our site trailer, which has given me great exposure to Project Management while also giving me a lot of insight on Site Management. The highlight of my internship would certainly be the ability I have to simply cross the street and see all of the trades and their equipment in action. I’m very thankful that I am getting to experience the construction-heavy portion of this project and that I’m getting exposure to all of the grit that comes with the field.”

Sam Kennedy:

“I had a great experience this summer. I really enjoyed working at the INCOG facility and learning how to go about commissioning the mechanical systems in the building. One part of my internship that I found interesting was writing the commissioning protocol for the clean steam generator and distribution system at INCOG. This involved looking at the drawings, specs, and manual for the clean steam generator as well as learning about all of the documentation needed in the pharmaceutical industry. I enjoyed learning about how this mechanical system is designed and how it interacts with other systems in the building. A couple other projects that I also enjoyed working on were helping Lawrence commission an air-handler and helping out with temperature mapping. For commissioning the air-handler, I got to walk through the commissioning protocol steps and see how the documentation for this was done in Kneat. For temperature mapping, I learned how to use the temperature mapping software and I helped setup and process the data for many of the temperature loggers.

The highlight of my internship was seeing the INCOG facility completed from beginning to end. I got to help out on the pre-construction part of the INCOG project during my internship last year. This year when I came back, phase 2 was almost complete and ready to move on to phase 3. I really enjoyed seeing this project come together.”

Dante Cefali:

“My experience this summer so far has been educational and exciting. I am out on the Community Justice Center job site and I have enjoyed meeting the people that I have been working with. The job site I am working on is also very extraordinary and the end result will be something I am looking forward to. As a whole intern group, my highlight of this summer was when we went on a bus tour around Indiana and saw some of the job sites being worked on. My favorite ones were the Gainbridge Fieldhouse and the Holliday Farms projects. One highlight of my internship on my job site was when I got to tour the courthouse building and the sheriff’s office. The whole campus is interesting to take in and provides a great place to experience an internship! Throughout my internship I have learned and experienced a lot such as how to better sort through documents, drawings, meeting minutes, and get a better sense of software such as Procore and Bluebeam.”

Again, we were so thankful to have our intern group this summer and thank you for making this summer memorable!

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