Happy New Year 2024 + Important News!

Hi Everyone,


Happy New Year 2024!


I hope you’re able to have a relaxing day as we ease into the new year.


This afternoon, I had a 90-minute meeting with my wonderful GC, Robert.


It was today because he was gone for a week and had to take his son to the doctor on Saturday. The guys are returning tomorrow morning, so today it was.

We went over every detail of the renovation and discussed many things, including:

dividing wall entry-kitchen renovation


  • Some secret doors for the new extra wide dividing wall between the kitchen and entry. Yes, of course, we’re doing that! The plan is to build two little cabinets (on either side of the stud) accessible from the entry. And, yes, they, too, will be covered with the mural wallpaper. We can hide the intercom in one of them. It would be a great place for my keys and the storage of other items, as well.


We also discussed the main closet, and guess what? I decided to move the pantry to the side closest to the kitchen, after all.


I will go into the why and design of this in greater detail in a subsequent post.


The condenser will be changed and installed as close to the ground as possible. In the winter, it can be covered. In case of an emergency, I can uncover it and use it. Otherwise, while covered, the snow won’t be a factor.


Tomorrow, the plasterers are coming, and then the blueboard (it’s really more lavender) will turn white, which will certainly brighten things up.


Oh, I asked if we could have one of those heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, and Robert says they have several and will bring one over.

Realistically speaking, we still have another 4-5 months to go.

So, it was a terrific meeting and I’m feeling very good about everything.




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And now, I will leave you with some images I took a week ago on Christmas Day while on a beautiful, quiet walk through Beacon Hill.


Chestnut Street classic - Christmas 2023
Everyone’s favorite absolutely jaw-dropping-can-this-be-real home at 29 Chestnut Street.


Chestnut and Willow - Beacon Hill Christmas 2023

The prettiest block on one of Beacon Hill’s prettiest streets. Chestnut and Willow.


Louisburg Square Boston Christmas 2-23


Above and below, two Louisburg Square beauties are all decked out for the holidays.



Acorn Street - Christmas 2023

Above, the iconic Acorn Street is the most photographed in all of Boston.

About a week after I moved to Boston, in 2020, I took other evening images of Beacon Hill and surrounding areas which you can see in this post.

The following year, 2021, this was my holiday post.

And, finally, please enjoy last year’s holiday post.


Pinckney Street Christmas 2023-Boston
Another enchanting holiday time vignette on Beacon Hill’s Pinckney Street.


Pinckney Street Christmas 2023

On top of the hill – Pinckney Street Christmas 2023.


In closing, thank you for your lovely comments. I can’t tell you how much they mean to me!

Love to all, and blessings for a beautiful year!



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I very much appreciate your help and support!

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