How much does a fitted composite door cost in Chelmsford and Colchester?

In recent times, the composite door has really earned its stripes as a door that combines the best of traditional looks and modern materials. Solid, thermally efficient and great-looking, the composite door ticks so many boxes when it comes to choosing a new front door.

In these tricky economic times, we’re all looking to make savings. And if you need a new front door, you might be tempted to try to get away with as cheap a door as possible. Is this a good idea? The answer might be ‘yes’, but only in the short term. In the long run, a poorly made door that lets in draughts and offers little security is going to cost you plenty.

Let’s be honest, composite doors are not the cheapest option. A good composite with a range of fixtures and fittings might come in at somewhere between £1,200 and £1,500, depending on various factors. So now we have a rough cost, let’s see what we might be getting for our money.

A solid investment

It’s not an understatement to say that composite doors are among the most advanced of their type on the market now. They harness a variety of materials, including timber and uPVC, in their construction, taking the best qualities of these materials and utilising them in the most efficient way. Such doors are durable, highly thermally efficient and suitable for both front and back entrances.

Chartwell Green Composite Door

High spec, low maintenance

Our composite doors have a huge amount of kerb appeal, not least because they have a beautiful wood grain effect which makes them as close as possible in looks to a traditional timber door. Customers in properties old and new across Chelmsford and Colchester will be spoiled for choice, both in composite door styles and a range of colours. There is a huge range of colours to choose from, from imposing black to country-style red and even vibrant shades of yellow and green, including the popular Chartwell green. While these complement the timber effect, you will never have to deal with flaking, fading or chipping, as you might with a wooden door. And with a life expectancy of 30 years plus, they stand the test of time which means you won’t be rushing to replace it! You can also choose the perfect door furniture and glass designs to make your composite front door bespoke to your home.

Thermal excellence

Composite door technology is second to none, particularly regarding heat retention and thermal efficiency. All our home improvement products, including composite doors, offer A+ energy ratings, and from the moment the door is fitted, you’ll notice the difference inside your home. The tightly designed panels eliminate any draughts entering your home, while the solid core can stop the warmth from being lost. Altogether, this promises unbeatable energy efficiency abilities that will save you money on your energy bills over the years. Essex and surrounding areas, particularly along the coast, can be windy, but our composites are more than capable of turning such weather thanks to their outstanding thermal performance.

Slate Grey Composite Door

Safe and secure

Composite doors have a strong solid structure, a robust, solid core and resilient frames that will protect your home against the most determined intruder. The security testing process is rigorous, meeting strict industry standards, and our doors are fitted with Yale locks as standard for the best security features. Yale uses advanced designs and high-quality multi point locking components for high security, meaning unbeatable home protection and complete peace of mind.

Composite doors are today’s top choice, and we guarantee they won’t let you down. If you are thinking of a new door and want to know more or to have a look at our range of composite doors, we are always keen for you to visit our showrooms across Essex, seek out expert opinion and see for yourselves what we do, and how we can help you realise your vision. We’re always available to chat, either in person, online or by phone, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your project and make sure you get the perfect composite front door for your home.


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