How Tesla Interior Design Changed the Way All Cars Feel

  • The carmaker brought minimalist and unique interior design to the auto industry with innovative Tesla features
  • Tesla interiors were among the first to cut the instrument cluster and introduce a steering yoke. 
  • Here are the ways Tesla’s interior design changed the game.

When Tesla began building cars, it introduced all sorts of unique design features and minimalist aspects to the vehicle’s interior that other automakers have since raced to emulate. 

Those rival car companies are starting to catch up in some ways, leaving some to fear that long-awaited Tesla innovation needs to come sooner rather than later.

Still, Tesla has disrupted the industry and no competitor has fully copied its design approach just yet.

In fact, Tesla design is forward-thinking and has been part of its advantage for so long; instead of having to revisit aging design elements every few years, futuristic interiors and Tesla’s exterior have allowed the company to focus on other parts of the business instead. Even if that is catching up to the company, the result has long been a spaceship-like, economical, and largely ageless vehicle.

From a large screen to a steering yoke, here are the ways Tesla has revolutionized interior car design over the years.

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