How to Clean a Silk Rug the Safe Way? Cleaning Tips

Are you looking for the safest way to clean a silk rug?

You might face a disappointing experience with an expensive pro cleaner or attempt yourself but couldn’t get satisfactory cleaning results on your silk carpets.

Don’t panic! Our experts will take you to the right DIY cleaning path. Now, take care of your lovely wool-silk carpet with our recommended homemade cleaners, and note down all the cleaning hacks from our guidelines to clean a silk rug:

How to Clean a Silk Rug?

To clean silk rugs, you should start with a traditional brooming session, and if you can’t handle the debris or heavy soil, you can also eliminate it with a vacuum cleaner.

Now, sprinkle some baking soda on stubborn messes, and then apply the vinegar solution to get rid of this tough stain from its root. Never forget to finish this cleaning process with a dry cleaning routine to remove any moisture left in it.

What You’ll Need

You just need the following materials/tools and some easy go-through steps to follow, and you will get your desired cleaning results:

  • vinegar
  • A Soft Broom
  • Club Soda
  • Baking soda
  • Dry Cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner

Steps to Cleaning a Silk Rug

The process of getting stains out of silk carpets is not as easy as you think about other used area rugs. In some cases, you have to deal with the messes of a silk rug in different ways.

If you are dealing with a heavily soiled rug or need to treat some stubborn spots, you have to apply different cleaning strategies in the case of an oriental silk rug.

Our carpet cleaning specialists have compiled a universal method to clean silk rugs efficiently without investing much of your money, expensive commercial cleaners, or some complicated tools.

Step 1. Prepare Your Silk Carpet Surface

Start this cleaning process with a soft broom and try to remove maximum debris from its top surface. It will help you to focus on the other messes.

remove debris from silk rug

Make sure you perform this task with gentle hands and care about the softer fibers of a silk rug.

Step 2. A Quick Vacuuming Session

Obviously, some dirt particles are hidden in the root of these fibers, which can’t be tackled by sweeping them. You need the best vacuum cleaner specifically designed for softer rugs to eliminate these hidden spills and debris from silk carpets.

vacuum silk rug


In addition, it will also remove the stain on the silk surface to some extent. While cleaning silk rugs, always use a classic vacuuming machine instead of any steam cleaner or other heavier type of cleaning equipment.

Step 3. Sprinkle Some Baking Soda on Your Rug Surface

If you notice any stubborn stains or sticky spills on your silky rug, you should sprinkle them with baking soda and leave the situation for 15 minutes.

This natural silk stain remover will penetrate every kind of mess and eliminate it from its root. Just make sure the surface is not wet before putting this homemade cleaner on it.

Step 4. It’s Time to Apply the Vinegar Solution

The vinegar solution will again do the rest for you! This cleaning hack works well in most cases, and here again, you will see the instant magic of this natural silk rug cleaner.

Apply the Vinegar Solution on silk rug

It will pup-up all the messy stuff is hidden inside your carpet so that you can easily pick them from the top surface of your silk carpet.

Step 5. Finish with a Dry Cleaning

For a perfect finish, bring some clean, dry cloths, and try to pick all the messes from the silk surface. Make sure you remove the stain parts and cleaning solutions during this silk rugs cleaning varnish process.

Dry Clean the silk rug

Here again, try to avoid as much dampness as possible and dry the moisture with a quick ventilation method.

Preventions to Keep Silk Rugs Clean

You can maintain a tidy silk rug for longer by considering some key preventative measures. In this case, you don’t need to avoid many of the things on this furry carpet; instead, you can care more by following some basic rules of a softer carpet.

At this point, just focus on the following two points to keep your silk rug neat without much effort:

Fortnight Cleaning Schedule

To maintain the beauty of this lovely rug, you just need to do a detailed cleaning of this type of carpet every 15 days. This will work wonders that you may never think.

The steps mentioned earlier are enough to remove all the messy stuff and maintain the cleanliness of this carpet for a long time to get the stain out of silk stuff.

Rotating Your Silk Rug Locations

Another great idea to prevent your rug from getting damaged is to change its place according to its usage. Try to avoid putting this format of carpets on high traffic or shoe areas of your floor.

You should change its location even if you notice direct sunlight on this carpet. Sometimes, there are certain areas where moisture will play its role. You must avoid the water stains on the silk rug and protect this pretty carpet from such spots.

Some Pro Cleaning Tips

If you think that now you are able to handle all types of messes and water stains on your silk rugs, then wait! It is still necessary to train you with some of the useful tips and tricks to do this DIY job more perfectly:

  • Never use harsh or nasty bristle brushes or brooms on the silk rugs.
  • If you notice direct sunlight at any time on this rug, then instantly put this carpet in some other place.
  • Always apply the vacuum cleaner with an upholstery nozzle attachment.
  • Don’t scrub the top surface of this carpet format with harder hands; otherwise, it will damage its fibers.
  • Try to avoid the enzyme cleaner, direct sunlight, and moisture from your silk carpets.
  • When dealing with a water stain on a silk carpet, you need to pay more attention to eliminate its moisture effect.
  • Never soak this type of carpet, even if you have noticed the presence of moisture in it.
  • Don’t place this kind of carpet in heavy traffic areas in your home.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some sort of confusion in your mind, then our experts have compiled a few important queries that might come in front of any householder.

You can easily tackle these issues with our best answers to each question as given below:

How Do Professionals Clean Silk Rugs?

Professional cleaners mostly use mild detergent to get stains out of silk carpets. This cleaning solution will perform well on all cases, whether you have installed the softer rugs or silk Persian carpets.

Ensure you follow the right guidelines to clean a silk rug to protect this carpet format.

Are Silk Rugs Hard to Clean?

Cleaning any smooth carpet or the Chinese silk rug can be tricky and need special attention. You have to deal with the softer fibers of this carpet very carefully and try to protect them from any damage during the cleaning process.

Can Silk Rugs Get Wet?

Any kind of moisture stuff may damage the beauty of your silk rugs. If you see any sticky or wet spills on its surface, it’s better to immediately remove them before the dampness gets to sit in the root of this softer rug.

Are Silk Rugs Washable?

To remove a stubborn stain from the silk surface, you can thoroughly wash your silk upholstery setup with any cleaning solution.

It is better to avoid nasty commercial cleaners on this softer surface and prefer natural cleaning solutions to maintain its beauty.

How Can You Tell if a Rug is a Real Silk?

The amount of silk can be examined from its knot count. If this knot counter is higher per square inch, it can be referred to as a silk rug. The average value for a silk carpet is 200 KPSI – Knots Per Square Inch or higher.

Final Thoughts

This short guide will help you maintain your silky carpets’ softness and beauty. You can put every cleaner over this rug format; you can’t even wash or beat it freely.

It is better to use a natural cleaning solution to clean a silk rug and take care of its top surface with a routine cleaning schedule.

If you don’t want to take much of the risk, you can hire a pro cleaner for a stress-free cleaning session. You have to decide which way you want to go.

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