How To Create A Bedroom Inside A Tiny Studio Apartment?

Creating a bedroom in a tiny studio apartment can feel like a puzzle. But don’t worry, it’s possible to make a cozy and stylish space with some smart ideas. Here’s how to make the most of your small space and turn it into a comfortable bedroom.

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Pick the Right Bed


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The bed is the main part of your bedroom. In a small space, a Murphy bed or loft bed can save a lot of room. A Murphy bed folds up against the wall when you’re not using it. This gives you extra space during the day. A loft bed is raised up high, leaving you room underneath for things like a desk or couch.

Divide Your Space


Take the full home tour of this Tiny Parisian Apartment.


IKEA ELVARLI, Open storage combination


IKEA Ivar cabinets with a industrial glass wall above to separate the bedroom area from the living area.

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Even in a small studio, you can make different “rooms” without real walls. Use rugs, curtains, or bookshelves to separate your sleeping area from the rest of the apartment. This helps make it feel like you have a real bedroom.

Smart Storage Solutions


Good storage can help keep your small space tidy and make it look bigger. Look for beds with drawers, ottomans with storage inside, tall shelves, Entryway Storage Organizer, Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table or Over Door Hanging Organizer. These can help you store your things without taking up extra space.

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Use Lighting to Set the Mood


Good lighting can make your studio feel cozy and separate. Use different kinds of lights, like neon sign for a fun touch or a good lamp for reading. Lighting can make your sleeping area feel special and separate from the rest of your space.

Decorate to Show Your Style


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Even a small space can show off your personality. Use wallpaper, cool wall art, a folding screen with character, or plants to decorate. These small touches make your space feel like yours.

Enjoy Your Space


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Turning a tiny studio into a place with a nice bedroom area is all about being creative and smart with your space. With these tips, you can make a cozy, useful, and stylish bedroom in your studio. Remember, it’s all about using what you have in the best way possible.


There you go! With these simple tips, you can make a great bedroom in your tiny studio. Start decorating and enjoy making your small space into a cozy home.

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