How to Create a Cosy Bedroom as Winter Approaches

A cosy bedroom with soft lighting created by table lamps and candles

Cosy bedroom bedding from Superdwell

It’s that time of year again when we are starting to think about ways to create a cosy bedroom, ready for the autumn and winter seasons. Yes, we may have been experiencing a heatwave just a few weeks ago but the seasons are definitely changing so it’s time to start preparing.

The Autumn/Winter season is the perfect time to seek out that cosy bedroom inspiration and start pinning those cosy warm bedroom ideas. From rugs and throws to lighting and paint, here are some ideas and tips to help you create that cosy relaxing bedroom decor that will make you feel snug, comfy and restful in your bedroom sanctuary.

Focus on Your Bedding

A cosy bedroom with lots of teddy bear blankets.

Embroidered Trees Duvet Cover from Dunelm (affiliate)

The bed is, of course, the main focal point in the room. So it always helps to make this as inviting as possible. Seasonal bed dressing can help you maximise the impact of natural light as you match the golden hues of autumn and the dimmed white light of winter. However, decorating beds isn’t just about how it looks, you also need to consider how warm you want it to feel. New covers can be all it takes, but you may also want to add some extra cushions into the mix.

Bring in Cosy Bedroom Rugs

A cosy dark bedroom with luxurious bedding and a soft green rug

Natural History Museum Bedding from Dunelm (affiliate)

Thickening up the bed area to make it inviting is a great way to feel more comfortable as you slip into bed. But your efforts can be hampered by other elements of the room, such as cold hardwood flooring. Addressing these with rugs is an effective way to warm up the room both physically and psychologically. Just seeing a rug can make you feel warmer, and the more plushy it is, the cosier it will feel. No more cold toes as you get up on a crisp winter morning.

Incorporate Some Cosy Bedroom Throws

A cosy bedroom with lots of soft teddy bear bedding in purples, deep pinks and ocre yellow

Teddy duvet cover sets and blankets from Dunelm (affiliate)

Like rugs, throws can invoke warmth and cosiness wherever you place them. Perhaps you have tons of them in your living room, your reading nook and a special spot by the fireplace. Yet they shouldn’t remain restricted to these areas, and can really warm up the feel of the bedroom by aesthetic alone. Additionally, you can cuddle up and get warmer with a few throws on those nights and mornings that are especially chilly, something most of us can never get used to.

Use an Electric Blanket

Pink Heated Blanket from VonHaus

Given the cost of energy these days, you would be forgiven for thinking getting out an electric blanket is financial blasphemy. Yet the best way to stay warm, according to some experts, is to heat the human, not the home. And electric blankets are excellent for this. When trying to save money on your heating, you can switch on the blanket half an hour before you go to bed. This helps keep it warm, and the feeling of getting into a warmed-up bed like this is an experience.

Play with the Lighting

A Lumi Body clock alarm clock lights up when the sun comes up

The Lumie Body Clock is a wake-up light alarm clock that mimics natural daylight to aid restful sleep

Lighting can make or break the overall feel of a room. This is an entire subject on its own and could fill a book when it comes to interior design. So, for now, you only need to be concerned with some quick hacks for controlling how a cosy bedroom feels. For lighting a room, you can try these:

  • Install smart bulbs so you can change the colours of the lighting.
  • Set a smart bulb routine to enable your lights to increase in intensity and mimic sunrise to help regulate your circadian rhythm and combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Create a layered lighting scheme that complements a winter or autumn style.
  • Consider the careful and safe placement of unscented or scented candles.
  • Add LED lights for effect around edges, windows and bed dressings.
  • Use lighting machines such as lasers to mimic the night sky.
  • Hook up lighting to voice control apps like Alexa for more convenience.

Smart bulbs are a massive help both for convenience and getting the look and feel you want. Of course, candles are always a go-to choice for adding a certain ambience that artificial lighting doesn’t offer. If you don’t want to risk using real candles and naked flames to create a cosy bedroom, consider opting for LED candles instead.

Don’t Forget the Window Dressing

100% Linen Bedding from The Secret Linen Store (affiliate)

It’s surprising how many people forget about the window treatments or consider them as an afterthought. Blinds and curtains are essential for bringing a room together and can play a key role. For example, they allow you to control the amount of light entering the room, and they can make the room feel larger or smaller. This depends on the style, length and colour of your curtains. Thermal curtains and blinds can also help keep the cold air from entering the bedroom.

Decorate with Calmer Colours

Cafe au Lait Washed Cotton Percale Bedtime Bundle from Piglet in Bed

It’s so important to get good quality sleep and in order to facilitate that, you need a cosy bedroom. But it can be all too easy to decorate in such a way that detracts from this. For example, bold prints are great in the living room, but the effect they have on your unconscious mind is energetic and, therefore, not ideal for a room where you need to fall asleep.

It can help to decorate using single-colour walls with no patterns, such as pastel colours, blues, blush pinks and shades of green, which all work well when used with warm and rich-textured accessories. Avoid colours that are too energetic in the bedroom such as yellows, oranges and reds.

Go Minimal for a Cosy Bedroom

Caversham storage bed from Furniture And Choice

The less stuff in your bedroom, the better so make sure you declutter. The last thing you need is something detracting from your sleep. This includes clutter, loose-hanging clothes and, of course, the TV. Your bedroom should be for two things: sleeping and, well, you know the other. It also helps to make your bedroom a tech-free zone. Technology is the antithesis of a cosy bedroom and, more often than not, will get in your way. The only tech you need is a clock and a smart speaker for controlling the lighting.

Add a Bit of Nature

Costa Rica Fern Duvet set from Wayfair (affiliate)

Spring and summer, of course, come with flowers. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t autumn and winter options that we can also use in our decor. Bringing nature indoors is one of the finest ways to compliment a seasonal decorating scheme and make a cosy space. For a cosy bedroom, try bringing in natural prints on your soft furnishings or your wallpaper and include lots of lovely green houseplants to boost your mood. You can also bring in natural scents by using candles or an aroma diffuser.

So there you have it! Those are my tips for creating a cosy bedroom this Autumn/Winter season. It helps to focus on the bed and the immediate area when you want to cosy up your bedroom for the colder months. Of course, creating a lighting scheme that matches autumn and winter will help on those longer nights. And bringing in some natural features adds a touch of beauty.

What are your tips? I’d love to hear them so please share in the comments below.

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