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Although there are plenty of approaches you can take to freshen up your home following the long winter months, redecorating it is a whole different ball game. Yes, changing your soft furnishings, displaying springtime flowers more prominently or upgrading the contents of your linen cupboard are all good spring interior décor ideas, but you’ll need to plan a little more for a redecoration project. What should you be most focused on when decorating your home in the spring? Read on to learn more.

Pay Attention to Wall Colours

Choose canvas photo prints that tone with your interior decor

When spring first arrives, you may notice how much more light your windows receive from the natural sunlight outside. Even before the clocks change, the sun should be reaching further and further into your home as it climbs higher and higher in the sky with each passing day. In turn, this can highlight imperfections on your walls. Indeed, any drab colours that might’ve looked fine under artificial lighting in winter might want to be altered.

If so, opt for light spring-like colours that will allow the available light in your reception rooms and bedrooms to bounce around. Typically, this will mean creams and off-whites are best. Light tones with a touch – not too much – of zesty yellow or natural green tend to make rooms feel larger and more inviting in the springtime. It doesn’t matter whether you paint your walls or hand new wallpaper so long as you go for whiter, lighter tonal qualities.

Remember that moving your wall-hung pictures around can also refresh newly decorated walls. Don’t just change the background colour. Instead, look for new arrangements of photos and works of art to provide you with an updated look at low cost.

Focus On Outside Decoration

Because it is a bit warmer outside in spring, touching up external paintwork is a good idea. If you are going to paint render or wooden window frames outside, then it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast first because you will want at least 24 hours of dry weather to allow your paintwork the chance to dry without it streaking.

Even if the weather is still a little inclement, there are plenty of things you can do to redecorate your home’s exterior without worrying about rainfall. One bright idea that will make your home much more inviting to guests is to fashion your own spring wreath. These look fantastic when adorning front doors. There are numerous colour schemes that are possible from the natural materials available in spring, too, with plenty of peaches, pinks, lavenders, greens, whites and yellows. Making a spring wreath from early flowering plants like clematis, myrtle, tulips or narcissi isn’t just a good decoration tip but a fun and creative activity you will, no doubt, enjoy. 

Remove Heavy Fabrics

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In the winter months, heavy drapes and throws have their place. Being able to feel snug and cosy is what the styles of many interiors are trying to achieve. However, as soon as the temperatures start to rise, living rooms and family rooms with too many throws, rugs and textile-based wall hangings can start to look a little cluttered.

You don’t have to get rid of all your textiles when redecorating in spring, though. Just opt for those with the lightest textures and colour schemes. Thick blankets should give way to a couple of decorative cushions on your sofa, for example. Consider rolling up your thick winter rug until next autumn and allowing the natural floorboards or tiling to take centre stage. If you have thick curtains or heavy Roman blinds, then think about whether it is time to opt for something lighter, such as Venetian blinds or a set of translucent gossamer curtains.

Update Your Bathroom

Even if you are not changing your bathroom suite, spring is a good time to update the look of bathrooms and en-suites. During the winter, you will probably have kept your window closed so the moisture that inevitably builds up in bathrooms won’t have escaped as efficiently as it could no matter how good your extractor fan is. Therefore, removing the grout between tiling so you can refresh it with a new application is a good idea. Inspect your trim and sealant and replace any that has started to discolour.

Equally, you should give your taps and other fixtures are thorough spring clean. Especially in hard water areas, limescale can make bathrooms look unattractive. If your limescale removal efforts don’t yield the results you want, then be prepared to replace mixer taps, plugs and shower heads. Give your walls a coat of a waterproof paint, too, so that your bathroom looks fresh and usable. Another key area to concentrate on is the floor. Warped laminates may need to be replaced or you could suffer from vinyl that is starting to curl. If so, it is often best to replace the floor entirely with something new. Doing so will make it seem as though you have completely updated your bathroom without having to replace the lot.


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