How to DIY Your Closet Into an Office Space

I had 3 days to makeover a cluttered and weirdly shaped closet in my home office. This closet was holding a lot of things that had just been piling up. But I needed the space to be more functional and serve as a little HQ for DIY Huntress. So keep reading if you want to see how I demoed, decluttered, organized, and IKEA hacked my way to a brand new closet space!

DIY Small Closet To Home Office

Since I’ve been renovating my house one space at a time I have a tendency to clear out and redo one area, and simultaneously clutter up an unfinished space with the things I haven’t found a home for yet. This closet was definitely the landing space for a lot of things I hadn’t seen in a while. But there’s nothing quite like clearing out a space and transforming it into a space that you love. I hope this post inspires you to do the same in your home!

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Step 1: Declutter & Demo the Closet

First I removed the doors so I could easily get into the closet.

Then I began removing all of the things that had collected there. Spoiler Alert: They all ended up in my guest room…I’ll deal with that later.

Once the closet was cleaned out I began to demo the rod and shelving.

Demo turned out to be the most difficult part of this project. I hate flathead screws, and everything in this closet was attached with flathead screws.

I did a bit of patching where the flathead screws got the best of me.

And then I sanded the patches to prep them for paint.

Step 2: Paint the Closet & Install the Cabinets

I used leftover paint to paint the closet the same color as the rest of the room.

Because this project had to get done so quickly, I used these cabinets from IKEA, they were on closeout, So, it was a no brainer.

You guys know I much prefer to build custom furniture, but I just didn’t have the time during this project.

But don’t worry, I customized the cabinets with a butcher block top that I had to cut in the back of my truck with a circular saw.

Even though it was laminate butcher block it was still really heavy, so I enlisted the help of my dad to get it into the closet.

Step 3: Add Custom Touches

I hung brackets to install an additional piece of butcher block. Which, added a little extra storage space in the corner of the closet (you can never have too many storage options).

I decided to finish the inside of the closet with trim to give it a more polished look.

Maybe it wasn’t necessary, but it felt right in my soul.

I used my Milwaukee nail gun to secure the trim into place.

Step 4: Organize With the Cricut Joy Xtra

I hung a wall organizer which will hold my Cricut accessories and other items to keep the desk area clear of clutter.

I used my Cricut Joy Xtra to make custom labels to keep my storage boxes and files organized. I used a template I found in the Cricut Design Studio and customized it to fit my style!

Step 5: Set Up the Space

Now that everything had a spot it was easy to make this closet space feel like HQ for DIY Huntress. It makes me want to leave the doors off because it genuinely looks so good.

I am so happy with the new organized space, I can totally see myself getting a bit obsessive over the organization elements in there, but in a good way!

I hope this office closet makeover inspired you to tackle a space in your home to make it more functional for you! With the help of some IKEA cabinets and some great organization, you can quickly makeover a space to get rid of clutter and add a working space to your home too.

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