How to repair structures in Nightingale

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Building a base is crucial in Nightingale, and how you build it is up to you. You’re free to place down structures and move them around as you please, but you’ll also have to maintain them. You can repair your structures when they get damaged; here’s how!

Nightingale How to repair buildings

Your buildings can take damage, whether it be from creatures attacking in the night, an accidental swing of your pickaxe, or your recruit knocking a tree on top of it. You can check the health of your structures by approaching them and hovering over them until the health bar pops up. If you want to repair your damaged build rather than build a whole new one, you will need a Hammer.

How to get a Hammer in Nightingale

You can craft a Hammer once you unlock the schematic for it. To do so, you’ll need to purchase it from an Essence Trader. You can look on your map for the Trader, marked with a ticket icon.

You can purchase the crafting recipe from the Trader by using 30 Essence Dust. You can get some easily by extracting a few items in your inventory. Once you buy the recipe from him, you can craft one on your Workbench anytime you need, with the correct resources.

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With the new schematic you purchased, head to your Workbench, and you’ll find it available to craft. You’ll just need the following materials:

  • Stone Block x1
  • Wood Bundle x1
  • Straps x2

Once you have the Hammer made, approach the damaged building with it equipped and give it a whack. The structure’s health increases each time you hit it with the Hammer. However, like all tools, the Hammer only has limited durability. If a building needs a lot of work, you may want to make another one or repair it in your Inventory with some Essence Dust.

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