Informative Tips on choosing Curtains in Dubai

Are you on a hunt for the best curtains that could bring on a mind-blowing transformation to your interiors? Are you confused about choosing the ideal curtain that perfectly contributes to the aesthetics of the interiors?

Curtains Dubai Collection

The Curtains Dubai Collection

Curtains are an inevitable part of a living room. They play a major role in enhancing the ambience of the room. But finding the perfect curtain that reflects a grandeur by facilitating both functional qualities and aesthetic enrichment is a hectic task.
Curtains Dubai offer a wide array of diverse curtain types with variants in pleats, textures, fabric, patterns, designs and colours. All of them are unique and splendid. However, it is always ideal to choose the perfect match for your home by careful supervision of various factors.

Our home is our paradise. We are always finding ways to make it more exquisite with everything we could. Many times you may have a specific idea about what you need in your interiors, but ignorant to technical bits, you fail to choose the perfect drapery.
This blog provides answers to the most searched questions about curtain installations. Now on, be confident about choosing your living room curtains and Dubai blinds.

Choose your Style

The most important factor is knowing your style. Being a tropical region, curtains in Dubai will be more productive if it has a light-blocking facility. If you want a warm window drapery that creates a cosy atmosphere, choose a heavy darker shade. On the other hand, if you wish for a lighter curtain that lets the light in for a bright interior, go for an airy sheer curtain. If you are in love with neutral colours, a linen-textured window drapery that fits the earthy style would be a perfect choice. Or, if you want a vibrant curtain style that reflects your energetic personality, go for bold prints and patterns.

Curtains that match the Furniture

Exhibiting your style is a thing, but understanding whether it compliments your interior furniture requires knowledge.
When choosing a style, make sure you consider the interior statements too, because if not complimenting the furniture, wall colour and other statements, your window treatment would end up being a disaster.

If you are fond of bold prints, but your interior furniture statement is classy and simple, choose a big patterned print in a neutral colour. Bigger patterns are for larger and wider windows. If the window size is small, go for a smaller pattern so that the curtains don’t unnecessarily fill the room with unwanted attention.
A vibrant room goes dull with a vibrant curtain. Too many colours diminish the aesthetics of the room. You can either choose a single colour or go for neutrals so that the room offers a classy look.

The Curtain Fabric

Our clients have always commented that even after having a perfect decision on what to choose, when they browsed at the curtains from Curtains Dubai, they were overwhelmed with the extensive collection the site holds and got confused with what to buy.
The curtain fabric is a compound name given to the types, textures and qualities considered together.

Earlier, curtains had the mere purpose of keeping the sunrays and intruders outside. Now, it has more aesthetic value too. As a result, people love to choose thinner curtains which enhances the classy appeal of a living room. The thinner fabric when interlined with insulating materials, can efficiently keep the room cosy with an enhanced appeal. Blackout curtains from Curtains UAE are an example of this. They not only control the temperature but are highly durable.
Considering the type, texture and quality of the curtain, choose the fabric for your curtain and then consider the folding required. Not all folding suit every living space.

Different types of Pleats

There are numerous curtain fold styles Curtains Dubai offers. Among them, here is a list of high demand curtains.

1. Ripple fold

2. Pinch pleat (Double, Triple)

3. Tailored pleat

4. Cubicle

5. Easy wave

6. Inverted pleat

7. Grommet/ Eyelet

8. Goblet

9. Pencil pleat

The pinch pleat curtain that serves as a decorative heading for the curtain is suitable for almost every curtain fabric and it looks fuller compared to pencil pleats. Grommet curtains, also called eyelets, are a peculiar informal styling that suits every fabric. Not all pleats go well with every fabric. A thicker and heavy fabric requires more spacing on the heading. If they are done smaller pleats, a lot of fabric dwells in the heading. On the other hand, the thinner fabric looks splendid with an increase in folding number.

Curtain Fullness

Curtains can either be flat or can be profound with fullness. Curtain fullness adds opulence to the interior.
When measuring windows, if you are fond of curtain fullness, consider the fabric width to be twice the width of your window to create fullness and pleats.
Hanging curtains at a higher height would give a sense of height to the interiors. So if you want to make your interior look massive, hang your curtains about 18 cm above the window frame.
For a contemporary look, let the curtain meet the floor, precisely with a few millimetres gap. A 6 cm gap gives a more classy look.

Opening and closing of Curtains

For an interior space, particularly the living space, opening and closing them from the middle is more convenient. It can be either operated manually or motorized using a smartphone or remote controller.
We suggest a cordless option for any window treatment as it can be dangerous in homes having children and pets.

Love for Sheer

Sheers are lightweight fabrics used to soften the lighting of the room without completely blocking the light from outside. These curtains add an instant infusion of fashion into the interiors effortlessly. Sheer curtains ensure privacy with a light filtering option. Also, they are the perfect inner drapery for a layered window treatment.

Thus, here we have discussed the basic notes on designing curtains in Dubai. Your window drapery has a greater influence on your interior ambience and aesthetics. It is always recommended to choose the perfect window drapery that perfectly compliments the interior statements and enhances the beauty of your room. Curtains Dubai has a massive collection of exquisite timeless curtains from all around the world. Choose premium quality products that meet your budget. if you still have any confusion, you can consult our curtain experts who could help you choose the ideal curtain styling for your interior living space.

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