Is Moving Home Really As Stressful As People Say?

Many people find the experience of moving home incredibly stressful. After all, it makes sense – you’re literally picking up your whole life and moving it somewhere else, both your material belongings and your social context. While it will always be at least somewhat stressful, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it. Let’s take a look at some of the main ways you can make moving home less stressful than most people say it is.

Use A Removals Service

One of the most effective ways of reducing the stress of the move is to use a removals service. These services can typically help you as little or as much as you need. Whether that’s just moving your larger items from A to B, or you want some help with boxing up all your smaller belongings, it can make the task seem a lot more manageable. It’s always worth looking at a range of removals service providers, so you can ensure you end up with the best option to match your needs.

Plan Ahead

Part of what makes moving house a stressful experience is the element of the unknown. Obviously, you can’t completely eradicate this, but by planning the whole moving process, you can definitely make it seem a lot more concrete and manageable. 

Try writing down everything that needs doing, and then making a timeline of what needs doing first. Based on this, you should be able to spread the process out over a series of weeks, making the whole thing feel less overwhelming.

Consider Using A Storage Service

A great way of spreading the whole moving process out a little is to use a self-storage service such as Kiwi Storage. This way, if you don’t want to move everything at once, you can put most of your stuff in storage and take things to your new home as and when you need it. It can be a great way of working out what you can live without, allowing you to declutter in a slow, controlled manner.  

Label Everything

Even once you’ve moved everything into your new place, it’s not quite over yet. You still need to put the boxes in the right rooms and unpack everything. To make matters worse, you’ll likely be totally exhausted from the rest of the move, and won’t be in the mood to look through a thousand boxes to find your favourite coffee cup. 

By labelling all of the boxes, including which room they should be in and what’s in the box, you can minimise the stress of unpacking, making the end stages of the move far more manageable than they would be otherwise.

Moving home will probably never be something you’ll actually look forward to, but you can definitely make it a whole lot less stressful. By getting help from a removals service and planning everything out in advance, you can start to spread the process out, making each step feel a lot more bearable.

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