James Hardie Siding Available in Different Textures and Finishes

James Hardie Styles for your home's next siding replacement.

One of the best features of James Hardie siding—beyond its impressive durability and resistance to the elements, of course—is its customizability. This elegant, attractive siding comes in a variety of textures and finishes that will make your home stand out with distinction. As you think about what type of look you want your house to have, envision the possibilities you can make a reality with Hardie siding. Here’s a closer look at your many gorgeous options!

Versatile Textures that Create Striking Curb Appeal

Siding boards are more than just panels that cover your home’s exterior and keep away moisture and pests. Fiber cement siding can be shaped in many ways—giving you several texture choices to consider. Hardie’s numerous different options make it easy to give your home a dramatic flair that draws the eye.

HardiePlank Lap Siding

HardiePlank siding installed on a home.

These traditional, horizontal boards are highly popular because they complement both classic and modern homes alike. They’re available in four exciting textures.

  • Cedarmill – This siding mimics the look of natural wood, giving you a soft, welcoming feel without the hassles of wood rot and termite infestation. It’s a popular choice for ranches, historic homes, and cabins.
  • Beaded Cedarmill – Get the feel of natural wood with added charm. The beaded bottoms of these boards give a little extra finish to your siding’s overall look, especially on small bungalows and cottages.
  • Smooth – For a simple, streamlined look, choose smooth lap siding. It works well on any architecture, particularly coastal and ranch homes where unassuming performance is of utmost importance.
  • Beaded Smooth – Add flair to smooth cladding with a beaded bottom edge that lends a sophisticated look that adapts well to traditional homes that you’d like to give a little ‘oomph’ to. 

HardiePanel Vertical Siding

HardiePanel siding installed on a home.

These attractive boards are applied vertically, a modern approach that delivers dramatic style. Or, use vertical panels paired with HardieTrim to create a fresh farmhouse look. HardiePanel offers four distinctive textures to select from. 

  • Smooth — Attractive on any architectural style, smooth panels give you a classic appearance.
  • Cedarmill — Get the look of authentic wood without all the fuss, with woodgrain-textured vertical Cedarmill boards.
  • Stucco — If you enjoy the intricate, custom appearance of stucco, you’ll appreciate these charming, water-resistant panels.
  • Sierra 8 — This siding comes with small dividers to mimic the look of real cedar boards, creating a pop of dimension.

HardieShingle Siding

HardieShingle siding installed on a home.

Cedar shingles have a memorable look, but real wood is exacting and pricey to keep in top shape. HardieShingle siding delivers the appearance you desire, without the constant care required of actual cedar.

  • Straight Edge — Achieve a crisp, distinct look to your shingle siding’s horizontal lines with this option. These shingle boards come in varying widths, but are the same length, so you enjoy a classic, elegant appearance that’s great on dormers.
  • Staggered Edge — Get a rugged, rustic look by staggering your shingles and creating a handcrafted style, great for ranches and cottages. 

Hardie Artisan Siding

Hardie Artisan Siding installed on a home.

This smooth, sleek line of modern siding gives your home a precise fit and finish that looks streamlined and stylish. It has four texture options:

  • V-Groove — Similar to Dutch lap siding, this style gives you small v-grooves between boards for a subtle sense of dimension. 
  • Shiplap — Enjoy a classic, straight-edged look that is perfect on traditional homes.
  • Square Channel — This style gives you charming shiplap vibes, but with wider channels between boards for a more contemporary look.
  • Bevel Channel — With ample channels between boards with an angled, beveled slope, this style gives more dramatic dimension to your Artisan panels. 

Hardie Architectural Siding

Hardie Architectural Siding installed on a home.

With this collection of panels which can be hung horizontally or vertically, you can enjoy a variety of customized looks. Textures to choose from include:

  • Fine Sand — Enjoy this even-textured, consistent finish that mimics a sandy surface.  
  • Fine Sand-Grooved — This panel has a streamlined texture that looks fresh and classic.
  • Mounded Sand — This texture has a rugged, rich dimensional look.
  • Seagrass — For a feel that’s inspired by nature, choose these panels with gentle flowing lines.


HardieTrim installed on a home.

Complete the look of your siding with the finishing touch of HardieTrim. You can also use this trim to border windows, doors, and fascia. The batten board option matches with HardiePanel to produce a board-and-batten style. HardieTrim has two textures to choose from:

  • Smooth — This sharp, sleek style looks great as a finish for smooth, modern siding.
  • Rustic — Achieve the woodgrain feel of real cedar with this charming, vintage-looking texture that resists warping and doesn’t rot.

Finishes that Give Your Siding the Perfect Color for Your Home

Vibrant, Fade-Resistant Beauty from Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology

Want to enjoy lasting siding color without the hassles of frequent painting? Invest in having your new siding infused with the color of your choice before installation.? With ColorPlus technology, the beautiful shade you choose will not only look amazing but will also last longer than a typical paint job. 

  • First, a durable proprietary finish is applied inside a controlled factory environment to ensure the color adheres well to your siding, creating a smooth, striking look.
  • Between coats, the color is cured with a baked-on bond to give it added strength to resist chipping, peeling, and cracking.
  • Finally, your siding is ready to be installed—with UV-ray resistance that keeps the color bright and attractive longer.

Your ColorPlus finish comes with a 15-year warranty, so you can expect high performance out of the shade you choose.

Prefinished and Primed for Paint After Installation

If you prefer to have your siding painted after it is installed, Hardie applies a primer finish so that your cladding is ready to take the paint of your choice.

Transform Your Home with Lovely, Lasting Hardie Siding

Michigan is certainly no stranger to tough weather conditions. So, when you need to refresh your siding, the durable, moisture-resistant performance of Hardie board is well worth your investment. See how Hardie’s versatile, customizable line of siding styles, textures, and finishes—installed by John McCarter Construction’s siding experts — can give your home a fresh look that provides you with decades of low-maintenance protection too.

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