At Pulp Design Studios, our team is known for crafting the most beautiful and functional homes for our clients. But we also want the interiors to be special and to stand out from the crowd of cookie-cutter designs. We specialize in custom design that will give our projects a unique and stunning style. Why custom? Because we can create the perfect look that only our clients will have, and custom also can offer amazing solutions to design challenges. Here are some of the custom innovations we’ve devised for our projects!

Sometimes we can’t find that perfect design that we’re looking for in a room, so we create it! In the Dallas project above, we crafted a glam dining room table that was perfect for our clients and their gorgeous home design. Unusual materials can also create a unique design. So we also had muscovite hand applied to the wall behind the custom bar in that same room.

For a Dallas modern farmhouse, our clients told us they love to live and entertain outdoors, so we knew we wanted to give them some fabulous designs that would elevate their outdoor rooms. The Pulp-designed daybed swing above is now a favorite destination for the entire family!

Furnishings aren’t the only custom creations that Pulp crafts for our projects! We also love to design cabinetry that is super-chic and functional. For the Texas bathroom above, we added reeded drawer and door fronts to give the vanity a look that you can’t get anywhere else.

High-tech needs can also find a solution in custom design! The Pulp team used art to hide the TV in the project above, creating a unique folding door that opens to reveal the screen. In a music-lover’s house below, we gave them pull-out shelves that brings the tunes even closer to the action.

In our Modern Laredo Mediterranean project below, Pulp meticulously mapped out one-of-a-kind looks with Stark for the living room and the staircase. A custom design really elevates the look of those spaces!

If you want your home to be personal and unique, give our team a call! We work all across the country and love to craft interiors that no one else will have!