Making Over Our Small Bedroom (+ Easy Project Ideas That Can Be Tackled Over Time)

I gave our small main bedroom a makeover with some small easy projects that made a big impact!

After working on small, simple updates in our main bedroom for the past year, it’s finally done! I was able to complete our small bedroom makeover by tackling a few projects on weekends after my full time job and all of those little projects made such a huge impact! From a DIY wooden accent wall, to moving a closet door, and adding a bold pop of color… our space is finally complete and I am so excited to share it with you!

DIY Small Bedroom Makeover

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Fun Fact: Before we purchased our house, we lived in three other apartments. Two of them were studios, and the one bedroom we did have also functioned as a home gym and a home office. So, this is our first true bedroom and we were so stoked to make it our own!

Here’s what it looked like before:

Patching And Prepping The Walls

Before I could dive into the fun things like designing and painting in this small bedroom makeover project, I had to tackle some key elements in this room. The laminate floor had to be removed (it was covering the original hard wood floors), and I wanted to close up a leaking glass block window. So, I demo’d the floor, and closed up the openings in the wall with some new drywall. I also taped and filling the seams in the drywall using DAP Premium Lightweight Low Dust Joint Compound.  I absolutely love this stuff – when you apply it, it’s pink and when it’s dry, it’s white! This is so helpful for larger fills, because once it dries white, it’s time to sand!

Quick Tip: DAP’s recommendation for best results while using DAP Premium Lightweight Low Dust Joint Compound with DryDex Indicator is to wet-sand uneven areas with a damp sponge after the joint compound has dried!

I also had to fill in any smaller imperfections like screw holes from the previous owners. And, I did this using DAP’s DryDex Dry Time Indicator Spackling. Just like the joint compound, it applies pink and turns white when dry, so there are no guessing games for when it’s ready to be sanded and prepped for next steps!

Painting The Walls

Once the walls were patched, filled, sanded, and ready to roll, I then painted the room in a super yummy dark blue color.

Adding A DIY Plywood Accent Wall

I really wanted to add some extra impact to the space and warm up the room, so I decided to add an easy DIY Plywood Accent wall to the space where the bed would be going. I have a separate tutorial for that project, if you’re interested in checking it out!

Adding Trim + Sealant

Once the paint was dry and the accent wall was complete, I added fresh trim around the doors, walls, and windows and sealed any gaps using Alex Flex Premium Molding & Trim Acrylic Latex Siliconized Sealant. This sealant helps give the trim an amazing polished look and is paint-ready in only 30 minutes, which makes it great for using on projects that you’re short on time for (and, let’s be real… I’m always short on time).

Choosing Furniture For A Small Space

To round out this makeover, I decided to go minimal with the furniture in the space, since it is small. We do have two small closets and swap out our winter and summer wardrobes to save some space. So, I just opted for a DIY headboard (tutorial coming soon), dresser, a modern platform bed, nesting nightstands, and a custom cabinet that I built for our last apartment!

I also added these really cool modern plug-in sconces that I’m high-key obsessed with.

Before And After

This small space may have taken me way longer to complete than I anticipated, but can we talk about this transformation!

Here’s the before:

And, here it is now!

It’s amazing what a few simple changes can do to a space!

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