Metal Roof & Siding Color Combinations: What Goes With What?

Let’s talk about metal roofs and siding color combinations. Knowing what you want when choosing a roof color is one thing, but doing so as part of an overall look for your home takes a bit of planning.

As with all things style-related, choosing a metal roof and siding color combination is very much a matter of taste. One person’s affinity for a certain color combo might make another person cringe when they look at it.

The only thing that matters when choosing metal roof and siding color combinations is how they make you and your family feel. You should be happy to see your home every time you walk outside.

In that spirit, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some metal roof and siding color combinations. Maybe doing so will inspire you to get started on a new color scheme for your roof and home!

Before getting started, however, it’s important to take note of any HOA or neighborhood restrictions that may be in place regarding home colors. Once you’re aware of restrictions, if any, you can move forward confidently toward the color combo of your dreams!

Let’s get started.

Metal Roof and Siding Color Combos

Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when they approach your house. Choosing the perfect colors for your home’s roof and siding is a big decision and can be intimidating at first.

It’s important to create a color scheme that matches your style and taste while complementing the architecture of your house.

Some popular color options for metal roofs include black, white, gray, and beige. These colors create an effortless and modern look for your home. Consider pairing a metal roof in these colors with siding in neutral colors for a timeless look.

If you are looking for a combination of colors that will add some charm to your home, consider copper and green. Copper roofs create a statement, while green siding adds a natural backdrop, evoking an organic look and feel. This color fusion is perfect for homes that complement the natural surroundings.

Another great color combination is a red metal roof and tan or beige siding. This mixture of colors provides a rustic feel and gives a beautiful contrast between the two. The tan or beige color is neutral, making your red roof stand out more.

If you are someone who loves bold patterns and wants your home’s exterior to make a lasting impression, then blue and light gray make a great color combination. The light gray adds balance, while blue is modern and fresh. These colors complement each other so well, providing a timeless look to your home.

Lastly, if you have an all-white house and want to add a bit of character to it, consider a dark gray or black metal roof. Darker roofs will add some texture and give your home a nice contrast. This color combination creates a sophisticated look that will pair well with many different architectural styles.

Consider using the colors recommended in this blog post as a starting point, but, ultimately, trust your instincts when picking the right colors for your home. By choosing the right colors, your house will visually look more appealing, exuding a welcoming vibe to your loved ones and guests.

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