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Research says that the average person has about 100,000 thoughts daily, and 75% of those are negative thoughts.

And when you’re in a fast-paced, result-driven, and chaotic construction industry, it’s hard to get away with those daily negative thoughts. Enter proactive mental health training.

In this special episode of The ConTech Crew, my co-host Rob McKinney and I are joined by Dr. Seth Hickerson, CEO and founder of My Steady Mind.

Dr. Hickerson is an innovative entrepreneur, veteran, educator, and mental performance training coach. He is passionate about providing individuals, teams, and organizations with real solutions to reduce stress and improve performance through cognitive training.

Today, we talk about what My Steady Mind is, its philosophy, who it is for, and how it works. We also discuss how breathwork can improve the state of mind, its other notable effects, and how to do it properly.

Let’s jump in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)
How Dr. Seth Hickerson became a mental health advocate (01:47)
What My Steady Mind is and the philosophy behind it (10:01)
Why Rob decided to sign up with My Steady Mind (13:07)
My Steady Mind’s Goals (17:46)
Who is My Steady Mind for and how it works (20:47)
The BAMO breathing technique (28:37)
Effects of practicing breathing techniques like BAMO (40:24)
The power of emotional intelligence and how to apply it on construction job sites (43:56)
Ripple effects of mental health training (50:11)
Episode wrap-up (52:52)

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