Plantd Finds First Farmer for Perennial Grass

Plantd, a manufacturer of carbon-capturing building materials, has partnered with a North Carolina farmer to plant 101 acres of perennial grass. The fast-growing crop, known for its strength and resource efficiency, is the secret sauce—and main component—that makes Plantd’s products work.

If you’re new to Plantd, here’s what you need to know:

History of startup Plantd

  • Plantd makes carbon-negative building materials for homebuilders using renewable grass instead of trees. Coupled with their modular, automated “factory of the future,” the company aims to outperform wood in cost, carbon removal, and performance. Their first test case is structural panels, but they hope to perfect it before expanding into other product categories like sub-flooring and two-by-fours after.
  • Plantd’s factory will be automated, 100% electric, and multi-product capable. The start-up estimates that with its system, it can produce the same amount of material as wood OSB while using nine times less land—due to the fast-growth rates of grass-farming coupled with its near-zero waste production process.
  • The nation’s largest homebuilder, D.R. Horton, is collaborating with Plantd to install 250,000 carbon-negative structural panels in over 1,000 homes. Full-scale production and delivery is expected to begin in 2024.
Plantd factory of the future rendering
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One of Plantd’s missions is to cultivate an agricultural supply chain with farmers in the region. The startup has sought out farmers who are already looking to switch their crop to a more environmentally and economically sustainable one.

Their first farmer partner was drawn to the venture as a father wanting his land to remain productive after he passes it down to his children.

“In Plantd’s agricultural solution, a crop that is both environmentally and economically sustainable is a value proposition that appeals to him and his daughters,” says Josh Dorfman, co-founder and CEO, Plantd

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