Professional Tips for Styling a Dresser

That gorgeous dresser you have is a blank canvas just waiting to be styled. Whether in the bedroom, living room, or entryway, a nicely curated dresser strengthens any decor theme. However, creating the perfect vignette takes time and effort. 

Do you want to decorate your dresser the way the professionals do? Here we bring you practical tips on dresser styling that anyone can understand and use to achieve their desired look. 

Anchor the dresser

The perfect formula for styling a dresser includes a background object that connects the arrangement. You can start by hanging a large piece of art on the wall. Or, add a leaning mirror for an elegant touch. Consider open shelving or a gallery wall as excellent alternatives that bring a bold vibe. You can then start building up around the large object.

decorated dresser top
Photo Credits: Halfway Wholeistic

Cluster frames

Clustering a few framed pieces creates depth. Add a couple of framed photos that overlap with each other to decorate your dresser like a professional. This also adds charm and character to your arrangement. No matter what type of framed art you choose, keep it within your desired color scheme. You’ll create a harmonious vignette with an element of repetition for visual appeal. 

decorated dresser top
Photo Credits: Studio McGee

Add a large object

When curating a dresser, it is helpful to introduce items with different heights. A large lamp is a staple accessory that’s perfect for bringing another dimension to your decorative vignette. 

decorated dresser top
Photo Credits: Hello Fashion Blog

Use smaller pieces, too

Adding smaller decorative pieces adds a touch of personality to your dresser vignette. Choose items with intriguing shapes. If an object is very small, you can elevate it using a stack of books.

decorated dresser top
Photo Credits: Veridian Homes

Group your decor

Creating groups of objects on both sides helps achieve a balanced look. You can use a gorgeous wooden tray to anchor your vignette and it also allows for easy cleaning. Whenever you want to clean the dresser top, you can easily remove the tray. 

Provide storage

If you want a nicely curated dresser, you need to avoid adding clutter. Adding random items such as keys will disrupt the stylish look you put all the effort into creating. Make sure to integrate storage in a way that works for your decorative vignette. An elegant jewelry tray is a practical choice for a bedroom. A ceramic bowl is another excellent option to keep the dresser top clutter-free. 

decorated dresser top
Photo Credits: Wild Flower Home Blog
decorated dresser top
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decorated dresser top
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decorated dresser top
Photo Credits: Alexa Elizabeth
decorated dresser top
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decorated dresser top
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