Restore Your Roof After Severe Storms Checklist

Roof storm damage is a stressful occurrence for any homeowner.  First-time homebuyers and those educated about storm damage restoration are often overwhelmed.  There are many steps a homeowner should take after experiencing roof damage from a storm. Following all standard procedures ensures a complete storm restoration.  Here are our expert tips for filing a roof insurance claim for storm damage and getting your home restored.

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Steps Homeowners Should Take to Complete Their Storm Damage Repair Project

Inspect the Storm Damage and Record Critical Information

First, before you do anything else, document all areas that need storm restoration before cleaning them up.  Proceed with caution in areas where power lines are down and scenarios when gas leaks can occur. This will put you in the best spot to receive compensation for your losses from your insurance company.

If a tree has fallen on your roof, a professional should remove it as soon as possible to prevent any further structural damage to your home.  Be sure to take photos before the tree is removed, and save all receipts from tree removal to provide them to your insurance company.

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How to Look for Roof Damage from Storms

If you can’t climb a ladder to see if you have potential roofing damage from a storm, stand on the ground and look with binoculars.  This can give you a close-up of the roof damage from the storm

Signs you have roof storm damage can include:

  • Indentations in your shingles
  • Shingles that are bruised, loose, cracked, or missing
  • Roof vents that are dented
  • Holes in the roof

To reduce the chances of future hail damage, many homeowners opt for a new metal roof.  Metal roofing can lower insurance premiums and enhance curb appeal.

Bonus read: Find out if your home is showing signs of damage from a hail damaged roof vs. old roof shingles.

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Check Your Gutters for Hail Damage

If hail has dented your house gutters, there are many issues that can arise, including:

  • Gutter leaks
  • Water pooling near your foundation
  • Downspout damage
  • Broken gutter hangers

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Hail Damage Can Ruin Your Home’s Windows

Even the strongest residential windows can fall victim to hail damage. Windows with hail damage may have indentations in frames, broken glass, and cracks. Not all dents on windows are easy to spot, so try running your hand over sashes, wraps, and frames to help identify indentations.

Verify if Your Siding Has Been Damaged in a Storm

The amount of storm damage repair that house siding needs depends on the material. Vinyl, steel, and engineered wood siding can be in need of repairs from hail.  Heavy winds can also cause the siding to separate from the home.  To see if you need storm damage restoration to your home’s siding, inspect it in the early morning or at dusk. This is when indentations are most visible.

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Does Your Attic or Ceiling Show Evidence of a Damaged Roof?

Leaks or water spots in your living spaces or attic can signal that roof storm damage has taken place. Left unaddressed, these issues can lead to mold and dry rot – problems that can affect air quality and health, and cost thousands to remediate.

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Contact Your Insurance Agent to Let Them Know About Storm Damage to Your Roof

After reviewing your homeowner’s insurance policy, contact a claims representative. Fill them in about your anticipated storm restoration work. From there, an insurance adjuster will work to determine the extent of your roofing damage.  One storm damage restoration fact that most homeowners aren’t aware of is that they may only have a year after the damage occurred to get it fixed, so time is of the essence.

No roof damage repairs should happen until this step is complete. If emergency repairs are necessary, document them with photos and save receipts.

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Obtain Estimates for Your Storm Restoration Project from Your Own Sources

Before a storm ever even hits, it’s wise to research roof damage contractors.  That’s because reputable storm damage roof replacement companies book up fast after hail events.  Your research will yield results that vary from unreliable storm chasing roofing contractors to local and reputable professionals.  Reliable storm repair and restoration contractors have a physical address, local references, and online reviews.

Working with a storm chasing roofer leaves homeowners to incomplete work or projects that don’t meet the code, so it’s wise to interview at least three highly rated roof damage companies before making your choice.

A reputable contractor will assist you with reviewing your insurance policy, and seasoned storm damage repair companies can verify that the adjuster found all damage to your home.  They can also work to document items that should be covered that may have been missed.

Local storm damage repair companies offer a consultative approach. They often offer complimentary design advice on roof shingle colors and styles. This ensures that a home’s curb appeal remains intact.

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Storm Damage Restoration Checklist

Use this storm damage checklist to help you understand the type of roofing damage you may have along with other areas to inspect.

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Storm Damage Restoration Contractors Serving the Twin Cities & Western Wisconsin Since 1979

A local storm restoration company is a valuable resource after a wind or hail event. They can assist homeowners with assessing the full extent of the damage for no charge. The longer a homeowner waits to consult a local roofer, the more tedious the process can become.

Contact us today to learn more about Lindus Construction’s storm damage repair services or get a complimentary estimate to get your project started.

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