Room Additions That Are Perfect for Multigenerational Living

When individuals age, families must decide how to handle their care and living situation. While assisted living is an option for some, others prefer to move their senior loved ones into their homes, creating a multigenerational living arrangement. However, to ensure everyone maintains privacy and comfort, remodeling services in Norwood are often necessary. These room additions are an ideal solution to enhance multigenerational living.

Bathrooms Are Essential


Privacy is an utmost concern when creating a multigenerational living arrangement. One aspect of home remodeling in Norwood, MA, that requires attention is bathrooms. If your home only has one or two bathrooms, you may  consider adding another one to ensure everyone can have access to one when required. It’s often best to build a bathroom directly connected to your senior loved one’s bedroom or living area, allowing them to have their own bathroom separate from the rest of the family. 


While discussing the bathroom addition with remodeling services in Massachusetts, don’t forget to consider accessibility options. Grab bars, non-slip surfaces, and other factors should be considered to ensure your senior loved one can use their bathroom safely.


Add Living and Sleeping Spaces 


Remodeling services can create a multigenerational living environment.

Talk to your remodeling services about creating more room in your home.

When senior loved ones move into your home, they deserve privacy and their own space to ensure they feel comfortable. While you’re opening your home to them, they likely want to feel as if they have space to call their own, just like they would when living independently. Your remodeling services in Norwood can recommend the best ways to add separate sleeping and living spaces for your aging loved one. You may need a complete home addition or you may be able to use other spaces, such as a basement or attic. However, keep mobility in mind when choosing the location for the new additions.


Ensure Accessibility


Additions aren’t the only concern you should bring up with your remodeling services in Massachusetts. Other home remodeling projects you may need to consider include those that improve accessibility to keep your loved one safe. If your loved one uses a walker or wheelchair to get around, your home may not currently be easy to navigate. Your home remodeling in Norwood, MA, may require widening doors, lowering countertops, or other changes that ensure your loved one can maintain a good quality of life and use areas of your home like the kitchen with ease.


Get Their Feedback


Your loved one deserves to feel at home when moving into a multigenerational living arrangement. Getting their input on your home remodeling ideas can help them feel like they are part of the process and not a burden to your family. Working together also builds stronger bonds and ensures they are happy with the new living arrangements.


If you’re considering home remodeling services in Norwood to accommodate multigenerational living, contact us. We’re ready to help you develop a plan that pleases everyone and adds value to your home.

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