Should my garage be a part of the Feng Shui?

This is such a great question, and like so many things in Feng Shui

there is a ton of information out there that’s likely confusing the hell out of you, am I right?

As of this writing, there are currently ninety-eight million articles regarding Feng Shui.

There are over thirty million articles and videos just on Feng Shui and garages.

Holy Moly!

And over the years, I’ve seen so many opinions that have made me shake my head!

  • Because a garage is “storage” and holds so much of our stuff, it doesn’t count.
  • Since it’s an outside space, it’s not included
  • These are bad spaces because of the energy from the car so don’t use them
  • Garages are bad luck

And what do we all do when we see scary things like this?


We immediately hit the internet to seek the truth, right?

I mean, if google says it’s true,

well it MUST be true!

should my garage be a part of the feng shui

Should my garage be a part of the Feng Shui?

What about you, have you ever wondered about your garage?

For most people, their garage is something they use every single day.

But how on earth do you discern the gobs of information?

Thirty million articles, videos and audios?

If I were in your shoes, I’m not sure I could.

Everything, and I mean everything is so contradictory!

And your attention, amongst so much noise, requires a lot of clickbait.

I’m so glad that when I started learning in the nineties we had no Internet

and no social media!

Listen, I have no issue with the internet or social media. I use them often.

However, In this day and age everyone is an expert.

Why? Because they say so.

Oh and the internet has fancy, shiny things like flashy software, cool filters,

and super pretty fonts that make it seem so.

“ohhhhh look at those pretty templates! They are so professional and fancy

they must know their stuff!”

So what is the truth Amanda?

Is my garage a part of the Feng Shui of my house?

I am here to tell you, yes it is! 

It is a huge misconception that garages aren’t a part of the overall Feng Shui. And yes, I’m looking at you Miss earth element wanting your hall pass / get-out-of-jail-free card as you stuff more things into the garage because you thought ‘it didn’t count.’ We have to always care for our Chi, always!

Let’s get two things straight

  1. A garage always counts – even if it’s detached. Yes you read that right!
  2. A garage is not a bad thing, but it always counts.

My teacher always taught me that garages are not a bad thing,

but how you treat them can be. If you stuff them full of unnecessary clutter, that can cause an issue. If you ignore them because ‘it’s just a garage’ that can also be an issue.

Bottom line

Show all areas of your home the respect it deserves. As the professor always taught his students, a garage is a very practical spot to house your car. A vehicle allows you to go out into the world, show kindness, give compassionately, earn a living,

and do your daily tasks with ease.

That sounds like a pretty awesome thing to have in your Feng Shui tool box

 if you ask me!

Want to learn more about Feng Shui? I have a ton of cool resources!

Quick and easy beginners course: Feng Shui for Beginners

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