Smash Ultimate v1.2 – The Cratavaganza Update news

A new update to Smash Ultimate: version 1.2, introducing QoL features and more.

Around two years ago, I released a mod by the name of Smash Ultimate, a smash hit when it came to the Half-Life 2 modding community. This mod revolutionsied how and what we think of a Half-Life mod. Almost a year ago, the Year of the Crate Update was released. It added a brand new ending, new lore and more.

But now, it is time to take another leap forward in technological brilliance when it comes to Half-Life mods and playing them.


Smash Ultimate: Cratavaganza

(same great mod, newer exotic and delicious taste)

This mod adds brand new features that make your crate smashing experience EVEN BETTER THAN LAST TIME! Let’s have a look at the major change this update:


The room that you’ll be spending all of your time in has been updated to keep you more motivated to keep smashing one crate, ten thousand times. For one, the screen in the crate smashing room has one brand new thing:


This is a brand new feature within the Crate Smashing Experience — get an in-depth view of how many times you have smashed one crate. No longer will you have to wonder “how far am I within the crate smashing experience? Have I smashed all 10,000 boxes yet?” or “Have I hit the next big milestone?”, because the answer is right there for you, on the big screen. This has been added for your convenience so you know how far you have left to go.

The crate smashing room, showing the brand new counter with a crate by its side.

You know, we have smashed this one tiny crate so many times, there’s a very high chance that some of us may have started to develop romantic feelings for the crate, and so thus it is time to give a way to show a new affection to these boxes.


Ever since Valve introduced skins for their weapons in their games, people have been asking for crate skins inside Smash Ultimate. This is a brand new feature, designed to let you customise your special crate from a variety of options, both simple and intricate. More may be added, depending on feedback.

Change it, smash it, love it.A picture showing both an old crate and a new crate skin -- Blush Pink.


Smash Ultimate is a passion project which I periodically update with bugfixes and patches. The pest exterminators have been called, and many bugs have been removed from this release. This is the most silky smooth update yet.


Smash Ultimate v1.2 will hopefully be released by the end of the year, but we will just have to look and see at if I can polish it into a fine beautiful product before I push it out. The last thing I’d want to do is post a broken shitpost.

Ofcourse, there’s a bit more added to the mod, however that’s up to you to find within the game 😉 . Enjoy the update announcement of your most favourite box smashing mod.

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