Springing Forward: My Landscaping Project (and a favorite new garden)

With Spring almost here and my hardscape installed, I’m eagerly looking forward to Spring planting. So it’s a good time to share progress on my landscaping project. Recently, I also stumbled upon an Instagram account featuring a garden that captured my heart… so I’m sharing some inspiration here too!

It’s been a few weeks since you I shared an update on what’s happening with my new garden. I’m so looking forward to Spring because now that the hardscape has been installed. Plant material is up next.

A few weeks ago I came across this Instagram account and immediately fell in love with their garden. I sent it to MaryAnne White (who designed the garden in my last home) and she replied, “I love it, it’s like a fantasy.” 

So I popped a few of my favorite images with you next to get your feedback! Keep reading!

A look at our home before any landscaping work

Ok here’s the before. One of the biggest issues was creating parking close to the house. Before we took out the asphalt driveway there was no place to backup, unless there was only one car parked in the front.

Everyone had to back all the way down the driveway in order to get out which meant they were always running over the row of boxwood etc.

We had to add gravel to the driveway after the reno because all the trades had to park and the side of the driveway became mud.

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We don’t use the garage because it’s our warehouse and truly, our weather is so temperate we don’t need it. Also, it’s just awkward because the minute there’s one extra car parked in front of the house. Any guest would have to move if either of us wanted to go somewhere (and back out of the garage).

We needed a parking bib for sure. And now we have one (below), we also got a portion of our property back as you can see with the addition of the new gravel driveway and garden beds on the left.

We hired Matt and his team from Vandenburg Landscaping to install the hardscaping and they did a really beautiful, professional job. We are really happy. 💛

Here’s the front of the house before we moved in:

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The first thing we did was remove all the overgrown shrubs and trees, painted and over grouted the stone. Take a look below:

And then we added the hardscape directly in front of the house. I love how it looks already but it needs a fountain next. If you have any recommendations please post them below!

My new favorite garden space

Ok here is the garden I fell in love with. It’s Dudek Garden, you can follow them here.

Here are a few snapshots of her videos:

I love the grasses mixed in with the white hydrangeas and boxwoods.

Here are some Fall moments:

Landscaping plans for the front of our house

And, back to reality.

Here are my trees. And I am in need of A LOT MORE shrubs!  I never would have thought to plant circles of boxwood but for some reason I can’t get enough of it!

Here’s a look at the overall landscape plan for the front of our property:

The other day someone on Instagram asked if this house was a new build and if you’ve been following me since the Fall of 2022 you’ll know it wasn’t.

However, I would not have been able to dream up this house had I started from scratch I love it so much. It was truly a miracle to find it and still be 5 minutes away from my Sisters and my Mom.

If you’re new here, this was what our last home looked like, and this is what the garden looked like when we took possession.

Our last house had a secret garden feeling in the backyard and here we have a fabulous mountain view. Helped along by the oversize Christmas trees I cut down the same week we took possession. 

Okay, back to the current project, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below.

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