The Artful Use of Technology with Jackson Hoggard and Marc Sanderson

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Data information is not just tied to profitability, flow, and process. It’s also linked to health and the overall well-being of everyone on the team. That’s precisely what ERP software Innergy is to Double Hung, an award-winning historic window restoration company in North Carolina.

In this week’s special episode, I brought in contractor and business owner of Double Hung, Jackson Hoggard, to talk about his experience with an ERP software created by Marc Sanderson called Innergy.

With 20 years of experience in the millworking industry, Marc decided to build a comprehensive cloud-based business management solution for custom woodworking shops and other ETO industries.

Today, Jackson, Marc, and I talk about how Double Hung found success through integrating Innergy into their processes, the importance of codifying knowledge and experience and transforming those into data, how to approach tech adoption, how Innergy is solving problems in the industry, and so much more!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)
How Jackson Hoggard got into construction tech (04:13)
Marc Sanderson and why he built Innergy (10:02)
The evolution and growth of Innergy (14:20)
How Jackson’s Double Hung grew and applied Innergy (17:21)
The importance of codifying knowledge and experience (26:05)
How Innergy is solving problems in the industry (39:59)
Marc’s approach to change management for new customers (46:43)
Jackson’s one last piece of advice (53:55)
Episode wrap-up (58:36)

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