The Link Up: A Makeover Emily Loves, Arlyn’s Cute Packable Summer Hat, And A House Paint That Could Help Reduce The Need For AC

Happy Sunday! So while we are still enjoying our weekend, we are all pretty excited about tomorrow. That’s right! No Sunday scaries over here. Why?? Well if you’ve been following along this week then you know Emily is revealing the FARMHOUSE LIVING ROOM!!! It’s been almost exactly four years since she and Brian first looked at the property. It always feels so slow until all of a sudden it’s done and you can’t believe it. And actually, we are so excited to show you that we wanted to reveal Emily’s YouTube vlog-style video a WHOLE DAY BEFORE the post goes lives. Check it out HERE then come back for all of the links!

Wait first here’s a sneak peek of the video. Can you tell we’re excited?? (Just wait for the little ad to run)

This week’s house tour may be the prettiest tiny house we’ve seen yet. On an idyllic farm in Malibu, this 120 sq foot home is full of organic wood, vintage accents and a lot of light! Go check it our here🙂

From Emily: I LOVE this giveback makeover that Yellow Brick Home did for an addiction and recovery nonprofit in Chicago. The before and afters are incredible and that shade of blue is PERFECT. Many cheers for blogs that are prioritizing giving back into their schedule – I know it’s not as easy or effortless as it looks. Thanks, Kim and Scott for being an inspiration.

From Jess: So I guess I just buy everything Emily and my coworkers recommend because I bought the red swimsuit that Emily loves from Andie Swim. But first a review of a previous purchase. While I definitely liked the Ta3 swimsuit I bought, it just didn’t feel like “me” when I put it on. I also probably could have gone for the “short torso” option instead of the regular. Sadly, it just wasn’t a “hell, yes”. But I’ve seen friends (like Caitlin) in them and they look INCREDIBLE!!! On the flip side, when I tried on the Andie suit, it was the first one-piece I think I’ve ever truly loved and felt cool in (and sexy depending on how many snaps I choose to undo;)). I’ve always been a bikini gal but having an awesome one-piece is so great.

Also From Jess: I will be making this recipe ALL SUMMER LONG. It’s so unbelievably delicious. I’ve already made the “tomato vinegarette” part for some salads. 10000/10.

Shea McGee’s first solo design book is available for preorder and let’s just say it’s so beautiful. It’s no secret that Shea knows how to design a beautiful home, so if you love her style and would like some expert guidance she will take you through every room in a home. Then when you’re done getting all her wisdom, it’s the perfect beautiful coffee table book. Form and function:) Again, it’s available for preorder now!

From Arlyn: I’ve been trying to be a hat person for the greater part of my adult life but I’ve just never had the confidence to leave the house in one unless I was going to the beach. Hat culture is so strong in LA and every time I see someone in a fabulous chapeau, I get inspired to try again. Especially now that it’s SO SUNNY and HOT, and I take my daughter on many walks a day. So when I saw how cute Molly Madfis from Almost Makes Perfect looked when she shared this Wallaroo sun hat she bought on vacation, I decided to take the plunge. AND I LOVE IT. It’s packable (!!!), lightweight, comes in tons of colors, adjustable on the inside to get a good fit, and low-key enough that I don’t feel super try hard. Like, I can literally just throw it on with my leggings and a T-shirt and feel fine, but also it would look very cute with a sun dress. Not bad for under $50, if I say so myself. 

From Caitlin: Did anyone else happen to catch the “HGTV is making our homes boring and us sad, one study says” article making the rounds last week? The sample size is pretty tiny, but I can VERY MUCH relate to the sentiment (and since you’re a design blog reader, maybe you can, too?). On one hand, I’m super familiar with the pressure of wanting your home to be appealing and inviting to the masses – I’m definitely the type who will not let anyone into my home if I don’t feel like it’s good or “ready” enough (and even when it is “designed,” this is still me in the hours before anyone arrives). But on the other hand, I’m grateful for so many mass-market design resources because they’ve helped me find and explore my own style! My IRL friends are not as interested in design as I am and so I’m dying to hear others’ opinions – what say you???

Also From Caitlin: Um, hey, PEOPLE ARE SO SMART. Scientists at Purdue have created a paint so white that it can reduce the surface temperature of a roof, thereby cooling the building beneath it significantly and reducing air conditioning needs by up to FORTY PERCENT. The kicker: if this “ultra-white paint were to coat between 1 percent and 2 percent of the Earth’s surface, slightly more than half the size of the Sahara, the planet would no longer absorb more heat than it was emitting, and global temperatures would stop rising.” Naturally, there are a few major roadblocks (c’est la vie) – the necessary materials need to be mined, which still contributes to climate change…but man, can you imagine how incredible it would be to cool your entire home by 8 degrees in the day and 19 degrees at night by simply painting your roof? Extraordinary.

From Mallory: This is the only water bottle that actually makes me drink water and after having it for a year I can successfully say I’m getting my daily amount (and then some lol). It’s on sale now if u wanna snag one! I highly recommend getting the one with the straw lid for ease. Like an adult sippy cup 🙂

See y’all tomorrow for the beautiful photos and more of Em’s thoughts on the living room reveal! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM | Photos by Kaitlin Green | From: The Farmhouse Entry Reveal (+ How To Hang A Gallery Wall On Wallpaper)

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