TikTok viral cleaning hacks: which ones actually work?

By Simone Tsigolis

TikTok is growing in popularity at lightning speed and the content people consume and are exposed to is influencing various behaviours – from purchasing decisions to trying new hacks. Home styling and cleaning is one of the top trending topics. Most of us can admit to trying at least one hack shared on the platform to speed up cleaning and housework activities, and often this makes the process a little more enjoyable.

While they’re fun to watch and appear to be no-brainers at first, it’s key to note, not every TikTok hack will be effective or safe to try. With any tip found online, it is best to tread carefully. While some could cause damage to furniture or appliances, others, while perfectly safe, may not be as effective as claimed – and with the busy lifestyles we’re navigating, no one wants to waste precious time experimenting with ineffective cleaning tasks. Having said that, it is important to do a spot test when trying TikTok hacks you’re unsure about for the first time.

Below are seven viral TikTok cleaning hacks that are effective and safe to try – or even avoid: 

Our tick of approval goes to:

Use shaving cream to disinfect bathrooms and remove odours: While it may seem unusual at first, this hack is actually quite effective. This is because the alcohol in shaving creams acts as a disinfect while its scent simultaneously deodorises surfaces. It involves applying shaving cream to a brush or mop and scrubbing any surface in the bathroom including, floors, toilet bowls and basins. This hack is quick, easy, cost-effective and great for families with young ones.

Remove water rings with a damp cloth and an iron: Another eyebrow-raising hack that involves placing a damp cloth over water rings on carpeted surfaces and ironing the cloth. The process is most effective when repeated and can work wonders on hard-to-remove stains. 

Descaling showerheads with vinegar: Does cleaning with vinegar work? The answer is a resounding yes! This hack is viral for a reason – it requires minimal effort, it works and makes use of products you already have in your pantry. Simply fill a Ziplock bag with white vinegar, secure the bag around the showerhead and let it soak for one hour. The result is a clean, descaled showerhead. Better yet, it’s completely safe and budget-friendly. Bonus tip: you can also use this hack on taps! 

Add foil to the dishwasher for shinier cutlery: Who knew a crumpled ball of aluminium foil in your dishwasher’s cutlery tray could be so effective? We did! How? Place aluminium foil into your dishwasher, run a cycle as normal and the foil reacts to your detergent, oxidising the tarnish on your cutlery to restore the shine to your silverware. It is worth noting that this hack is only effective on cutlery and the foil should be placed in your cutlery drawer or holder for optimum effect.

Clean the couch with a pot lid and dish soap: Another inventive TikTok hack, this one claims to tackle stains, dirt and remove odours from your couch. Add a laundry detergent pod and boiling water to a bowl and mix until dissolved. Then, wrap a microfibre cloth around a kitchen pot lid and dip the lid in the detergent solution, gliding and scrubbing the lid across your couch. This hack is simple and effective and has our tick of approval. Better still, it can also be used to refresh cushions and mattresses.

Our red flags go to:

Clean your air fryer with water and dishwashing soap: This hack involves adding water and dishwashing soap to an air fryer and setting the cooking timer for 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. While this should result in a clean air fryer it can be dangerous. We strongly recommend avoiding this hack – heating dishwashing soap can generate and release harmful chemicals in the air, potentially impacting you and your pets. 

Add olive oil to your floor cleaner to refresh hardwood: To refresh hardwood, this hack requires you to mix olive oil with your normal floor cleaner and mop the floors. The result should be a newer and refreshed-looking floor. However, the reality is different. Not only is olive oil a slip hazard – dangerous in any household, but particularly those with children or the elderly – this tip can also damage your floors. A major red flag. We recommend avoiding this hack.

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Simone Tsigolis

-Simone Tsigolis is the founder and CEO of Jetlag Remedy, a growing business offering premier, value-added housekeeping and cleaning services to create more mental freedom for busy Australians. Simone saw a gap in the market for caring, passionate cleaners who would walk in and get the job done (plus more).

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